Wedding Gift Project!

Collaboration by friends and family of JAKE and TRICIA


Hi there, friends and family of Jake and Tricia! I am Katie, Jake's sister-in-law. With the wedding day approaching, we are doing a fun gift-making project for the happy couple. We need all their friends and family to help make it great!

What to Do

Take photos of yourselves/your family with messages for the bride and groom.
Send me the photos! DEADLINE: MAY 15. Send to

Suggested message methods:
Hold a piece of paper with a message printed/written clearly on it.
Sit on the ground beside a sidewalk chalk message.
Spell it out in blocks.
Write it on a beach ball.
Write it on the shower wall and get in the tub!
Shave it into your hair. (!)
Be creative (or not creative). You get the picture.

How many photos?
As many as you want. I'll use as many as I can.
Take individual photos of each family member, or a group shot, or both!
Take photos of pets with a message.

Ideas for messages:
Congratulatory messages
Song lyrics
Single words in each snapshot that make a message when the photos are printed in a series
*Short messages might be better. If they're too long, it'll likely be too difficult to read in a photo.

How Do I Send Photos?

Attach them to an email. Send them to Or if you want to use some other file-sharing method, just get in touch. I'm flexible!

Or if you want to use old/new prints and you don't want to deal with scanning them, send me prints and I'll take care of it. They can be returned to you by mail. Address: Katie Mehle, 34 Eastern Trail Drive, Morgantown, WV 26508. Please send them before MAY 15.

What if my message is far too complicated to fit in a photo?

Understandable. If you're so inclined, you can also send me a note for Jake and Trish that can be printed on the page beside whatever photo(s) you send for the book. Type it out and I'll copy and paste it. Just send a fun photo to go along with it!

What are you going to do with them?

I'm going to make a book! It should be a fun keepsake of the wedding excitement and a record of all the lovely people who are wishing them well on their new adventure together in life.

Having trouble visualizing it? Check out the other two we've made here: Abbey&Eric or Kaitlin&Jeff .

Other Photos of Jake and Tricia

I'll also put in a collage of photos of the bride and groom themselves. So, if you've got any gems (romantic, funny, or otherwise) of the couple, send a few of those along, too!

Communication HELP!

Please forward this message to anyone that you think would like to participate. I don't have email addresses for all the important people in their lives. (Family, friends, old college buds, family neighbors, old teammates, etc.) Please keep in mind our deadline, MAY 15. You can copy and paste this direct link to share it with them: or put me in touch with them.

Thanks for your help! I hope you have fun with the project! Feel free to contact me with questions or suggestions.


Katie Mehle
(Jake's sister-in-law)