Abraham Lincoln

By: Makayla McGrath

Growing up

February 12 , 1809 , Abraham Lincoln was born in a small cabin in Kentucky. He lived with his dad , Thomas Lincoln , mom , Nancy Lincoln , and his older sister , Sarah. His dad was an uneducated farmer. And his mom died young at a young age. When Abraham was seven years old (1816) his family left their home town because Thomas (Abraham's dad) didn't support slavery and because they were in debt. Before Abraham was even ten years old he had already lost two of his family members , his mother , which died of "milk sickness" , and his brother who had died as an infant. By the end of the year 1830 his whole family became ill , this meant that he had to go out into the world alone.

His own family

1842 , at thirty three years of age , Abraham Lincoln married Mary Todd. They later had four sons , William wallace , Edward baker , Robert todd , and Tad Lincoln. They all lived in a log cabin in Illnois.

1860 election

In 1860 , Abraham won the election , making him the 16th president of the United states. He was the leader of the Union during the Civil War. Abraham began the process of what ended slavery. This process was called the Emancipation Proclamation.