by Lleyton

What are Rainforests ?

A rainforest is normally exotic and beautiful and a awesome place for wildlife and is important to the planets ecosystem.

temperate and tropical rainforests are different in other ways.

temperate is more controlled then tropical rainforests and can last 500-1000 years of age.

tropical is a wildlife filled place with all sorts of plants,animals,and most of all insects and fish.

what are the layers of the rainforest?

forest floor 4th layer the place for frogs plants and home to jaguar.

understorey 3rd layer a nice place for vines and toucans.

canopy 2nd layer a nice place for snakes and again monkeys.

emergent 1st layer may have birds and monkeys.

these are 4 rainforest animals


a bird that may live in the canopy some say it is the most known bird in the world and the most popular bird.

the venus flytrap.

a species of carnivoures plants may live on the forest floor has to eat flys because of the poor quality soil it may be living off.

what is the daintree rainforest?

it is located at 2333 Cape Tribulation Rd, Cape Tribulation QLD 4873 as the road to it.

what are the threats to the rainforest?

tourism,more developing on the road,fires,soil erosion and logging.