Word Recognition

By Jessica Moret

Word Recognition Defined

Word Recognition, according to DeVries, includes "recognizing words without conscious attention, recognizing words without attending to every letter, using parts of words to quickly identify new words, connecting unknown words to known words, and connecting spelling with word meaning" (2015, pg. 123).
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Word Recognition is an important literacy element for students to acquire. When students begin to learn to read, it can be very frustrating having to stop and sound out each syllable and focus intently on each word. "In order for reading to become more pleasurable for struggling readers, they must develop the ability to automatically recognize a large bank of words" (DeVries, 2015, pg. 123). It is impossible for students to be able to automatically recognize all words. Therefore, another skill that is part of Word Recognition becomes important. "When students encounter words that are not part of their sight vocabulary, they must be able to use context clues to figure them out. They need skill in visual analysis and blending, and they need the ability to distinguish affixes and root words" (DeVries, 2015, pg. 126).


Word Recognition Games by Grade

I would use this game as an individual or quiet time activity for students to play after completely assignments early. This would be an educational reward for students. This game helps practice sight words from the Dolce sight word list.

Worksheets and Printables

This link is full of ideas to incorporate into word recognition lesson plans. There are countless worksheets and printable that are encouraging for students in order to aid the development of word recognition skills.

Sight Word Flashcards

This site is excellent because it not only has pre-made, downloadable lists of sight words, but it also has templates for teachers to create their own lists of words to print out as creative flashcards to practice word recognition.

Reading Rockets Reading Games

Each of these games are great examples of how teachers can incorporate word recognition into games that students already know and love, such as 'Go Fish.'
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DeVries, B. A. (2015). Literacy assessment & intervention for classroom teachers(4th ed., Vol. 1). Scottsdale, AZ: Holcomb Hathaway.