Kindergarten is Staying at WRE


Kindergarten will stay at White Rock

Good afternoon!

What a week we have had!!!! Talk about jumping right back into the swing of things here at WRE. I wanted to take a moment to update you on some information regarding our Kindergarten program at White Rock.

In a RISD Board of Trustees study session, several recommendations where made on how we could address the number of students we will have coming into our school over the next ten years. These numbers were based on the information provided by the demographer hired by RISD to construct a study. The board was challenged to come up with several ideas, they also wanted to be very thorough with exploring all options; both inside and outside the box. One recommendation was to place our Kindergarten on another campus, freeing up approx. 6-7 classrooms.

I wanted to let all of you know, I was just informed by our Superintendant, Dr. Kay Waggoner, this recommendation is NO LONGER on the table. Dr. Waggoner and other members of the Board of Trustees have received several emails from our community communicating that moving Kindergarten would not be supported by the White Rock Community

Dr. Waggoner came to our campus this week and met with a committee of PTA/community members to discuss our concerns for moving Kindergarten. We presented two possible plans that would allow us to keep our Kindergarteners here at WRE. I want you to know that the RISD board has heard our united voice on this matter and has honored our stance.

I can not thank Dr. Waggoner and the other Board Members enough for taking notice of our concerns and taking action. I was encouraged time and time again this week by different board members and their appreciation of all our communication addressing concern for our Kindergarten department.

I look forward to seeing you all at the board meeting on Jan. 11th.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Keely Smith

WRE PTA President