Blood on my hands

Krystal Soriano

Story Elements

Blood on my Hands takes place everywhere Callie runs Forest, EMT building, friends house, a kids play house anywhere. this story is during the present day. the main conflict in the story is Callie trying to find out who killed Kathrine Remington-Day. Callie does this and is trying finding out clues from people and never gives up in this huge situation she is in.

Character Analysis

Callie is a Strong, Clever, and Independent character. In the book Callie is motivated to find out who killed Kathrine Remington-Day. I really like Callie because she is so strong. She is being blamed for murdering her best friend when she didn't. She could have taken the easy way out but decided not to. She knew she didn't kill Kathrine and stock to that and never listen to anybody to tell her different. Callie an Kathrine were best friends why would people ever think of Callie killing Kathrine?


The theme of this story is Callie trying to piece together who killed her best friend Kathrine. Everybody thinks Callie did it because: Callie was found next to Kathrine's body, Callie runs from the Police knowing that everyone is looking for her. Callie thinks a girl named Dakota killed Kathrine due to threatening text messages from Dakota wanting to kill Kathrine. Callie now has to prove her innocents and try convicting Dakota of the murder of Kathrine Remington-Day.