Yuvajana Sakhyam

Mission field exposure 11/11/2015

Warud Mission Field Visit

The journey started at 7am in the morning on 11th of November. The bus journey was like any other picnic trip, singing songs and dancing. The first phase of the journey was Nagziri village.It was like an eye opener. The house of the 5 believers there is on an encroached land without ant provision of electricity there. There we met a woman who was a strong believer. Her story made us all shocked when she told that there is big problem of caste division among the GONDS. She told that she and her kids were beaten up and stoned by the upper class people on the accusation that her sheep entered their land. When they tried to file an FIR in the police station, the police were bribed by the people of other community. Government is spending crores of rupees for the lower caste communities but not a single rupee has reached to them. This is the reality we came across there. The youths sang some songs followed by a prayer by Roy Achen and Pradip Achen. Even after so much problem their belief in Almighty is worth appreciation. The youths visited all the houses of the believers and interacted with them. The believers made a wonderful and spicy POHA for all. After breakfast all the believers assembled and the youths assembled for a prayer meeting.

Next destination was Shahapur village. This is the village of the two evangelists, Suresh Dhurve and Janrao Idipachi. As the youths reached there believers were already waiting for us. The youths sang songs, the villagers presented two GOND songs and testimonies. After the meeting the lunch was served for all and the youths headed for the final phase of the trip.

The last destination was Gonapur village. This village is situated away from the main road in a hilly area. Here the youths met two ladies who are the pillars of spreading the Word there. Thier strong belief in the Word of God and their great faith in the Almighty amazed us. The youths interacted with the villagers and visited few houses.

How lucky we all are. We are provided with all the basic needs of life and we never realize its value ,but these people who don't have even that much have a stronger FAITH than us. God perfectly planned the trip and gave leadership through Rev.Roy P.Thomas and Pradip Achen.

Prayer Meeting at Shahapur village

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