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August 7th

Students are coming next week!

Happy start of the school year!!!
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Athletics (Repeat)

If your student is interested in playing fall sports, make sure you check out TMS Athletics Newsletter! This explains what is required to play in our fall sports.
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Picking Up Computers/Books

Students who have chosen to be fully virtual and White Team Students (those with last names starting with the letters L-Z) will need their devices and a few other items before school starts on August 12th. We will be offering a curbside pickup for those students needing these devices.

August 10th


TMS Main Office

(Students with last names that start with A-K will receive their computers and books on the first day of school in their first period classes.)

TMS Parent Q & A

We held two Q&A sessions on Tuesday, 8/4. The audio was recorded and is attached below.



Schedule of a Virtual Day

Students will have lessons Monday through Friday.

Students who are working virtual (either because they are fully virtual or they are at home as part of their hybrid schedule) do not have set times to be on the computer. Instead they will be given instruction and activities through Google Classroom. These should be similar to the amount of time students would be in a classroom if they were doing face-to-face. Some students will take a little longer or a little less. Teachers will have the assignments posted by the end of their prep period. However, the teachers are expressing that they plan to have it up earlier than this time frame.

Teacher Posting Times

6th grade 3rd period - 10:15

7th grade 6th period - 1:00

8th grade 2nd period - 9:30

Pioneer Team (rotational classes) 1st period - 8:45

It is recommended to build a schedule at home to establish a routine with your student. Be mindful to build in brain breaks throughout the work time.

Attendance For Students Working Virtually

The state requirements of tracking student attendance have been adjusted. We will need to take attendance for students working outside of the building. These could be students who are on their virtual day as part of the hybrid schedule or students who are working completely virtually.

Each teacher will have a Google Form for the students to fill out. It is important that students fill this form out for every class they have each day they are working outside of the building.

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Standards Based Grading

We are continuing with our use of Standards Based Grading in the middle school. We have created some helpful resources to help explain these changes.

SBG Video

SBG Slides

Additional Resources

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New Daily Schedule (Repeat)

The board meeting on 7/31/2020 moved our first day of school back to Wednesday, 8/12. This is to give teachers more time to learn new virtual instructional strategies and create digital content.

This meeting also moved the students in grades 6-12 to a hybrid schedule. This will reduce the number of students in the hallways, classrooms, and lunch spaces by half.

Students schedules:

  • Students with the last names beginning with the letters A-K will be in the buildings on Mondays and Wednesdays. They will be learning virtually on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.
  • Students with the last names beginning with the letters L-Z will be in the buildings on Tuesdays and Thursdays. They will be learning virtually on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Fully Virtual Option (Repeat)

TMS is proud to support our students with a virtual option for the school year. More information about the TMS Virtual School can be found in the link.

Students enrolled in the TMS Virtual School are eligible to participate in extra curricular activities.

If you feel this is a better option for your family, please chose the virtual option while enrolling your student in Harmony. If you have completed your enrollment and would like to switch, please contact Melissa Kikta ( or Craig Leach ( about changing the status of your enrollment.

Contacting the Middle School

If you are in need of assistance, please see the emails listed below:

Principal - Melissa Kikta

Asst. Principal/Athletic Director - Craig Leach

Enrollment/Main Office Secretary - Laurie Crawford

Athletic Secretary - Linda Whitesell

Treasurer/Book Fees - Dawn Moody

Scheduling - Lynn Calloway

TMS ROCKS/My Closet - Gena Shultz

School phone number is 765-675-7521

Important Dates

8/12 First Day of School

--/-- School Pictures (TBA)

9/7 Labor Day (No School)

9/8 School Board Meeting

9/14 eLearning

10/9 End of the First 9 - weeks

10/12 School Board Meeting

10/21-23 Fall Break