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Weekly Update Newsletter October 25-29

Monday, October 25th

  • NO SCHOOL - Teacher In-Service Day

Tuesday, October 26th

  • Mi Mexico lunch for those who pre-ordered
  • PALS Meet up Coffee 8:10am Robin Hall
  • Girl's Basketball Practice 3:15-4:45pm

Wednesday, October 27th

  • Port of Subs lunch for those who pre-ordered
  • Middle School - Electives schedule
  • Girl's Basketball Practice 3:15-4:45pm

Thursday, October 28th

  • Mi Mexico lunch for those who pre-ordered
  • NO CHESS CLUB TODAY - resumes next week
  • Girl's Basketball Practice 3:15-4:45pm
  • Fall Festival - Cramer's Western Town 4:00 – 6:00pm

Friday, October 29th

  • Port of Subs Lunch for those who pre-ordered
  • Wear Costumes or have Free Dress
  • Girl's Basketball Practice 3:15-4:45pm

Upcoming Events

  • K-8 House Colors Day - November 3

  • State of the School - Markell Hall Chapel (Masks Required) Wednesday, November 10

  • 6:00-7:30pm

  • No School - Veterans Day November 11th
  • Trimester 1 Ends Friday, November 19

  • Early Release - Conferences November 22 – 24

  • No School - Thanksgiving November 25 - 26

Early Release - Conferences November 22 – 24

Please find your student's early release time below:

  • 11:30 AM Release Early PS/PS/2nd Grade
  • 11:35 AM Release all Pre-K/Early K/3rd Grade
  • 11:40 AM Release all K/4th Grade
  • 11:45 AM Release all 1st and 5th-8th Grade

Chess Club is now Full!


  • Chess Club will be cancelled for the Fall festival. We will resume meeting the following week.
  • We are at capacity and and will not be accepting more students at this time.

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Volunteer Help Needed Before November 1st! Facilities

The job:

The batteries in our safety/fire flood lights, and the emergency exits, are no longer holding charges.

These batteries have a life of about 7-10 years so I highly suspect they're originals from the building's construction 10-11 years ago.

I purchased enough replacement batteries for the entire building at Markell Hall. In total there are 65 flood lights, and 45 emergency lights to swap batteries on.

It's important this gets completed for fire and safety concerns. It would also impact our ability to pass an inspection by not having the backup lights functioning.

Volunteers will need a ladder and a screwdriver/drill (phillips head appears to be the only one needed for either device type; most don't require any tools).

A flathead screwdriver will also help with popping the cover tabs off and prying out the batteries. Pliers will also help with crimping the contact tabs down when installing.

We have some tools here but if we recruit a few more people then the stock I have may get soaked up sharing with others.

Volunteers can come in during the day, or after school. All of the devices are in hallways/common areas, so nobody will need to enter classrooms or locked areas.

Our custodian is here until about 11pm weekdays, and I usually leave between 5pm-8pm, varying by workload.

Thank you!

Casey Brocato

Volunteer Opportunity - Art Class

We are looking for additional help in a couple of sections of our art class. Do you love art and have an artistic interest? This opportunity is available to parents who do not have a child in these classes and have a positive, flexible and creative attitude. In this role you will assist Ms. Simpson with art projects and connect with students. Must be fully vaccinated and wear a mask. We would love to have you join us during the following times:

Thursday - 8:00am-9:05am, 7th & 8B

Friday - 11:40am-12:45pm, 8A

Please contact the school with your interest.

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Fall Festival

Please pre-pay with Dawn at Markell Hall or Rachel at Robin Hall, or hand an envelope to the folks at drop off.

The cost is $25 Per Family. Payment may be made by Cash or Check made out to PALS. Or New - Use the link above for online payment.

Happy Fall! Mrs. York's Class Had Fun with Leaves on the Playground!

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Annual Auction Kick-off Meeting! Great Volunteer Opportunities - 1st Meeting November 3rd

Our largest fundraiser of the year is coming this January!

We are planning to have the event in person at the Bellwether Hotel Saturday, January 29, 2022. If the need to go virtual arises we will pivot and host another successful event.

Last year The Great Gala raised $360,000 virtually! We hope to be back in the ballroom for an elegant, community building evening where we come together to support our school.

How can I help?

  • Procure Exciting Items for the Auction
  • Donate Cash or Items
  • Be a Sponsor or Host a Table
  • Be a part of the Decorating Committee
  • Assist with Mailings
  • Help Load the Room the Day Before the Auction
  • Set Up Auction Items and Tables
  • Help Clean Up at the End of the Auction
  • Data Entry
  • Host a Game such as the Wine Wheel or Punch out Board during the auction
  • Be a Bid Recorder
  • Proofread the Auction Catalog
  • Wash and Fold Tablecloths
  • And So Much More

Our first Volunteer Meeting is Wednesday, November 3rd 8:15am at Markell Hall! We hope to see you there. If that time does not work with your schedule, please contact Heather Black for more information about volunteer opportunities.

Thank you TFA parent Andrea Leksen, of Leksen Design, for the Graphic Design work for the auction.

Thank you!

Sarah A. Kaiser

Heather Black

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Please have your student check the lost and found at Markell Hall

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Students in Mrs. Dizon's Kindergarten class know that Fall is "TREE-mendous."

Fire Safety Week in 2nd Grade!

Mrs. Lyzwinski and Mrs. Belmont shared this:

"This week has been our fire safety week! We have learned about firefighters, fire preventatives as well as what to do in case of a fire. Students practiced stop, drop and rolling in class as well as how we exit our house in case of a fire. We also were fortunate enough to have a fire safety assembly led by real firefighters! They showed us the fire triangle (heat + oxygen + fuel = fire), and even performed a science experiment using two glass cups and a lit flame. We learned about their gear and ended the day with a group photo.

Just so parents also know what students are currently taught during Fire Safety, below is a link for a video we show in class. This is what is taught in regards to fire prevention and fire response."

Here are a few fire safety tips that we learned and would like to share with your family:

  • Establish a fire safety plan for your family.
  • Replace your batteries in your fire alarms once a year.
  • Establish an outside meeting place with your family in the event of a fire.
  • Find 2 ways to exit each room in your house.
  • Sleep with the doors to your bedrooms closed.

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Fire Safety Education Video
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The Franklin Academy is looking for a part-time lunch and recess staff member for the 2021-2022 school year.

This position will help monitor children during lunch and recess, building rapport while helping create a loving and safe environment. We will pay $15 per hour. The students are outside rain or shine for fresh air and to get the wiggles out.

Candidates contact administrative assistant Rachel Lee

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Read-A-Thon Update One Day Left

Did you know our students have read 207,300 minutes!

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far! We have raised over $29,000, and there is one day left!

Let’s work together to support our school community, and to further encourage a love of reading in our students!

What does the Read-A-Thon support?

The funds raised go directly to the Annual Fund that supports our general budget. Tuition only covers about 65% of the cost to educate each student so the Annual Fund Donations help cover the difference.

Thank you for your generosity! We love our school, students, and teachers and the Read-A-Thon helps to keep our community strong and supported.


You may donate by clicking the button below, or bring a check to the folks at drop off.

If you have questions please contact Heather Black

The Famous Treasure Chest!

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Check out the middle school students reading this week!

The Reading Corner With Mrs. Samuel and Mrs. Snyder

The Scholastic Book Fair results are in!

Our school spent $8, 975.29, for a profit of $4,124.68. Wahoo! Great job, everyone. This allowed us to purchase all the remaining books in the teacher wish boxes, which puts a lot of new books into your student’s classrooms. The remaining profits will be shared between the two libraries to bring in more highly requested books for our amazing readers.

Thank you for your support of the school and reading!

Happy Reading,

Mrs. Samuel

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Mrs. Samuel's Joke of the Week

Why are books so afraid of their sequels?

Because they always come after them!

Mrs. Pickerill's Class is going Batty!

Last week, we had a great time learning about bats. We talked about how bats sleep upside down, they are nocturnal, some bats eat fruit, and bats are the only mammals that can fly. During science we also talked about the life cycle of a bat.

In art we made bat puppets and painted bats sleeping upside to decorate our classroom.

"If I were a bat I would..."
Dallas: “fly around at night and eat fruit.”

Dane: “hang upside.”

Dillon: “fly and play at night.”

Finley: “sleep upside down.”

Gurnoor: “fly outside.”

Leandra: “eat fruit and play at night.”

Maya: “fly around and play at night.”

Norah: “fly everywhere.”

Quorra: “fly and play at night.”

Cross Country Update - Final Meet of the Season!

Coach Segebart shared this:

"Tuesday was Franklin Force's last meet of the season and, like usual, our team didn't hold back!

The girls reclaimed their 4th place spot in a lineup of 8 teams. Adelle Overson had a PR and got 5th place overall. Sunny Stiles also gave her best performance this meet and had a PR as well.

Our boys fought hard and defeated Assumption for first place in this final battle! Sean Lane had a PR and placed 5th overall. Ryan Hansen also performed his best and had a PR.

Coach Marc Whitlock and I are very proud of both teams and the performances they gave this season. Their hard work and dedication paid off. It has been such a joy and privilege to coach these young athletes. Although our 8th graders will be moving on next year, they've laid a great foundation for the underclassmen. I can't wait to see what they are capable of next year."

House Council Update

House Council is excited to announce that the first Wednesday of each month will be House Colors Day! This means that all students in kindergarten through 8th grade will have an opportunity to dress in their House Colors on Wednesday, November 3rd.

This week on Wednesday, members of House Council went to the lower school classes to present to the students what it means to be part of a House at Franklin Academy. They did an awesome job being good examples for the younger students and helped them to feel included in their house communities. Thank you for your work, House Council students!

A reminder that the House Colors are as follows:

Ershig: Red

Ferlin: Purple

Hess: Yellow

Kaiser: Green


On October 29, students will have the opportunity to wear their costumes to school!

Middle School students will have the chance to earn House Points based on participation (numbers of students in each House who are dressed in costume) and based on the results of a costume contest! The costume categories are: most creative, funniest, best group and best overall. We're excited to see everyone dressed up!

Mrs. Brewin's First Grade Update

Mrs. Brewin shared this:

  • In math we reviewed the addition and subtraction strategies we've learned so far, practiced word problems, and then yesterday we did a chapter quiz. Everyone did an excellent job! Today we learned about pairs of numbers that add to ten and we call them "Friends of Ten." Pictures of students playing a Friends of Ten game are attached.
  • In writing we started learning about nouns (a word that is a person, place, thing, or animal) and we began creating Noun Town! We brainstormed what we would find in a town and then each student chose a person, a place, and a thing that they will create for our town. We'll make a big display of our Noun Town on the wall.
  • Also in writing we began a writing unit on personal narratives. We read a funny story called Ralph Tells a Story that teaches us how stories are everywhere and that we can get inspiration from the little things. Then we brainstormed ideas for our own personal narratives that we'll start writing next week.
  • In literacy we started rotating through our different literacy stations during the Daily Five time. During this time while students work on literacy skills, I will meet with small groups of students to work on decoding and phonics, reading strategies, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.
  • We read the book Spookley the Square Pumpkin, talked about the story's message, and then created our own unique pumpkins.
  • In social studies we have been focusing on books that target social-emotional skills. We read the book Giraffes Can't Dance and wrote about things that we used to not be able to do that we can do now.

Monster Week in Mrs. Ho's Class!

Preschool is meant to be fun, right? Right. A lot of learning happens through play. It is encouraging to know our program also provides an academic foundation so students can smoothly transition into Kindergarten.

You will find our preschool to be a hands-on, multi-sensory, literacy-rich, and a relational-focused environment.

Students are enjoying "Monster Week" in the 3-year-old classes this week.

Ms. Dudley and Mrs. Misday's 4th Grade Classes Have Been Busy!

If you see a 4th grade student ask them about all they have been learning:

  • The ending of Bob (book)
  • How to write a summary (5 fingers)
  • Inferencing
  • How many bones we have in our body or how many bones are in our wrist
  • Why we have skulls
  • Topographic map of Washington
  • Root words: geo and port
  • New cursive letters
  • Standard Algorithm for addition and subtraction through 100,000 place value (you can ask them to show you a new technique they learned)
  • 4th Grade Connection: The Bad Seed

Wow! Check out the "x-rays" they created!

Big picture

6th Grade Mesopotamian Cities

This week Sixth Graders finished a map-making project and the results were wonderful! Students created maps of their own Mesopotamian cities with features representing our study of this ancient civilization. They planned, drew, and decorated these wonderful maps with the accompaniment of a written description. What delightful creative minds they all have!

Middle School Art - All About Me

I'm so impressed with our middle school art student's first art project! During the first few weeks of school, our 5th-8th grade art students have been working on a drawing page in their Art Journal that's called All About Me. This art project includes the use of shapes, color, lines, pencil, ruler, colored pencils, and black sharpie markers. Students chose 6 favorites that represent themselves in drawing form, along with their name in the center.


~ Miss Rachel Simpson

Elements of Art - Middle School

Elements of Art - (fold-ables with definitions for each of the 7 elements of art). All of the middle school students worked hard to create an Elements of Art project, with drawing techniques for each word, and added a definition for each of the different kinds, inside the fold-able. We watched fun art videos about each of them & had class discussions about each of these, to better understand them. These are kept inside the students Art Journals, so we can refer back to it on each of our future art projects.

~Be Kind, Let's Shine!
~ Miss Rachel

Uniform and PE shirt information

Uniform and PE shirt information

Please note that PE shirts are sold via PALS and must be purchased one of two ways:

- In person, during uniform shop hours (Tuesdays from 8-8:30am).

- Online at:

Our online shop also includes Spirit Wear and a limited amount of new uniform items. We hope to have more new items for sale soon.

Note that due to variations in sizing and item condition, used uniform items are not sold online.

Please allow 72 hours for fulfillment and delivery of online orders. Purchased items will be delivered to your child's classroom or advisory teacher, for your child to bring home.

If you need help or have questions about items in the uniform shop, please email

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