Digital Citizenship Project

Ashlee K. Period 5

what is digital citizenship

Digital Citizenship is the rules to follow on the internet to make sure you are safe online. You should always have digital etiquette and always be nice. To make sure your social media profiles are safe never give anyone your password and keep everything private. Always make sure you are safe from strangers and keep your personal info private. little things like that can make sure our things are safe.

Why is it necessary for everyone to understand Digital Citizenship

It is necessary for people to understand things like this because once it is out there you can't remove it. It's also important because it's a reflection of who you are and what you do. More people need to understand that being mean online won't work either. Just always be nice.

Rule 1: Be nice online

Digital Etiquette: if you on the internet, in a chat box you may want to watch what you say. that is because it may be a screen name but it is an actual person behind the screen and they can get hurt. so remember to be nice.

Rule 2: keep information private

Information Privacy: always keep your personal information private. never give your information to a stranger. there are a lot of weird people in the world and you don't want them coming to your house. also you could get a bunch of spam emails that can cause a virus.

Rule 3: be careful on social networking sites

Social Networking: having a social networking account may be fun, but to be very careful on it. if you were to make an invite and put it so everyone could see it they could come to your house and you wouldn't know who these people are. it can also be dangerous if you start chatting with a random person you don't know, they could be a fake person for all you know so be careful.

Rule 4: Be careful with strangers

Online Safety: always make sure you're careful with strangers. many people like to create fake accounts just so they can talk to kids. so never give out your personal information to anyone you don't know.

rule 5: think before you do

Cyberbullying: many people get hurt on the internet by, rude comments and mean words. that is called cyberbullying. if you are thinking of saying something rude just dont.

those rude comments and mean words can really hurt a person. behind that screen is a person like you so think before you say.

rule 6: don't take other peoples work

Plagiarism: never take somebodys work, you can get into a lot of trouble. most of the time when this happens is when a student is doing a project or a report on something. if you're thinking of using someone else's work always use quotation marks or ask for permission.

rule 7: never copy someones work without permission

Copyright: you should never copy right someones work without permission. for example songs, books, websites, movies ect. the creator may want to sue you for not asking to use it.