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Since the beginning of the school year, Taylor students and staff have checked out 11,858 books!

Did you know?

You have free access to when you log on to the website from a Frisco ISD computer. gives you lesson plans and supplemental resources for tons of books...all for free!

Also, is your one stop shop for all of the databases we have at Taylor: Pebble Go, World Book, etc. Also, through MackinVia you can access Tumblebooks and Overdrive. Login with your district username and password, and you have access to lots of information in one place.

Get access to thousands of FREE ebooks and audiobooks through OverDrive! Once you set up an account, add Frisco ISD library to your account. You can also add Plano Public and Frisco Public Libraries to your account if you have a library card at those libraries. Download the OverDrive app from your app store, and then follow these directions to start reading today!

Chess Club

Fourth and fifth grade students are participating in Chess Club every week. The 5th grade club meets on Tuesdays while the 4th grade club meets on Fridays in the library. The club is for beginner and intermediate chess players.

Coding Club

We have started Taylor's first ever coding club! The club consists of 5th graders only and meets on Wednesday mornings in the red pod computer lab. Students are using the activities on to learn the basics of computer programming.

American Indian Research

Research has begun with 4th grade. They visited the library to research an American Indian tribe. Prior to beginning their research, students learned about the consequences of plagiarism and how to avoid it. Mrs. Casey visited each 4th grade class and taught students how to paraphrase and cite their sources when they are researching.

Parts of a Book

First grade students played a game to learn about the different parts of a book. They learned that all books have a spine, author/illustrator, title page, publisher, and copyright date.

The History of Frisco

Mrs. Catherine Fowler visited the 3rd graders to teach them all about the history of Frisco. They learned how Frisco got its name and logo (a raccoon skin!), and they got to learn some games that pioneer children used to play.

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