Nancy Sundell

A strong and indapendant child

Her backround

My grandma was born in northern Nevada and had 3 other brothers and sisters and she was the third oldest she grew up on a farm with horses and she is 61 and is in west virginia for 6 monthes or until january.She is sweet and a grandma of 14 grandchildren.

A life lesson

Make sure you tell your parent before you go somewhere

My grandma had a family over and she wanted to show the little boy a hole with water and they used to catch tadpoles.She never told her mom where she was going when they got there she herd a sound and didn't think of it and her sister came and said oooo you are in big didn't tell mom where you were going.when they got home she got a spank and the little boy ran and hid because he was going to get a spank.

Ellyse Sundell

Block 1-2