Women Are People Too

Domestic violence is not the right path!

International Day of Elimination For Violence Against Women Day

Believe it or not but one in every three women in the United states have been beaten, raped or assaulted in their lifetime. That needs to stop. It's wrong to let it go by unnoticed. This is an important holiday and it shouldn't be taken seriously by just a few people it should be taken seriously by the world because hands are not for hitting, they are for helping.

Spread the Knowledge

If young boys grow up in a household where a adult male inflicts pain on a women and/or assaults them then, the child will think that it is okay to do that to women. It's not okay and it never will be. If boys learn when they are growing up that women are like how most people see men, strong, brave, courageous, smart, human beings and not things that they can manipulate and torture , then chances are that boys will grow up respecting women and never hurting one. We need to get that message out to prevent the spreading of violence.