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What Women Are Saying About the Vibrant Experience...

"The utter simplicity of what you've narrowed down into these principles is just brilliant, Asia. Such a lovely, lovely work."

-Pat Matson, Arrowbear Lake, CA

"The Vibrant Experience Journal is laid out beautifully. Simple. Very easy to read. Not overwhelming after an already overwhelming day. I connected to Principle #3-Accept. In the past, I've felt uncomfortable when it comes to accepting help from others. After this experience, I feel a sense of ease, open and willing to receive."

-Kalandra Cooke-Goff, PhD, Dearborn Heights, MI

"I have had a problem with being hard on myself for the past ten years. After the Vibrant Exerience, I'm finally able to see my redeeming qualities (a good listener, understanding, and compassionate) and appreciate myself. I highly recommend it."

-Susan Smith, Newport News, VA

"As a perfectionist, it's been extremely difficult to turn over responsibilities. After using these simple principles, I discovered I'm not giving up power, I'm gaining power. Now, it's easier for me to release small tasks and focus on the big picture for my family and business."

-Dr. Hamidah Sharif-Harris, Atlanta, GA

"The Vibrant Experience, is a wonderful self-discovery experience and guides women to their inner power, purpose, and passion. The five principles Asia lays out are for "all" women... any spiritual background, culture, and position in life. I love this well-being experience, it is truly remarkable."

-Annalisa O'Toole

Inspired Life Coaching, Atlanta, GA

"I deeply appreciate the creative exploration. A wonderful way to learn and find clarity."

-Aisha Waheed, Tampa, FL

"The Vibrant Experience sparks women's imaginations! As I engaged with the five life-changing principles, I discovered space for self-reflection. This rich and condensed guide swings open locked doors for women to access their own perspectives around the principles, "Believe. Ask. Accept. Create. Give." In the group experience, it's profoundly empowering for women to custom-tailor the principles to reflect our own lived wisdom and insights. How powerful is that! This is a course where women are invited to plant the seeds and nurture our own futures and growth with confidence."

-Bobbye Middendorf

"Every woman should give herself this experience. It made me stop and think in a way I never have before, with a new clarity. Now, I'm clear on where I'm going, and why I'm going."

-Tabitha Shomo, Washington, WV

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"A vibrant, energized, and whole woman, becomes all she is meant to be, does all she is meant to do, and inspires us all to do the same."

-Asia Sharif-Clark, Founder of Centered Self Worldwide

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