All About Me

Sophia Balbastro

Growing up

My name is Sophia Balbastro.I was born in Tucson,AZ (grew up here too).Growing up i had i nice life.Two years after i was born I started to travel to Las Vegas alot to vist my two older sisters and big brother.When i was five I started school but also I had a niece on the way


So I have my mom and dad (Sandra and Francisco).I have about six older siblings.The first born is my brother Francisco,then my sister Erika,next my sis Sandra,then Dianna,also percilla ,jackie,then Me!I also have a niece my She is now in kinder at Los Ninos.My sister percilla had a baby boy adrian.


So what i do for fun is dance folklorico at school.Some times I draw or go shopping!Now my favorite thing to do is READ no not really watch movies with my sisters.