American Literature Theme Project By: Dominic Lander

What are Rights?

A Right is something that is given to you that allows you to act upon it. An example of a right is that all people are treated equally. This doesn't mean that everyone who has the same job gets paid the same because some people have better qualifications than others.

Rights To Me

Every American citizen has equal rights , but most of us don't know all of them. People think that they have all the power in America because they have all these rights. What they don't understand is that the government has more power than them and everyone has the same amount of rights. This truth is relevant in my life because i don't know most of the rights that I have as an American citizen I know the basic rights but not all of them like many Americans today.Rights affect me because I have the freedom of speech, the right to bear arms and the right to prompt a public trial. Rights makes America look good because immigrants come here wanting those rights and they can have the American dream.

Rights In American Society

Every American citizen has equal rights , but most of us don't know all of them. People today think some things are rights when they are privileges. A privilege is something like a drivers license. You have to work to get it but it can also be taken away if you abuse it. Rights will always be there unless you do something that goes against manhood.

Rights In Literature

There are many rights used in literature. In Fahrenheit 451, Guy Montag, has a right to be a citizen and be apart of the community but he disobeys that right by stealing books and going against the government because books are illegal. Also in the crucible they all have the right to practice their own religion but if it goes against someone else's religion it is going against that right which is illegal.