Something from Saldivar

Week of September 15-19

What will you do with your student's data?

This week we will begin creating our student's individual roadmap to their academic success for the year! Time well spent has been invested for our students to take their BOY assessments. As those assessments are completed and data is revealed, it is time for us to dive deep into our work for the year. It is imperative that you as their teacher (coach/trainer) take the time to carefully script their interventions or extensions and create the prescription they will need to close any academic gaps or challenge them to increase their performance.

Last year, we spent time during our PLC's collaborating on the key components to training our students for success. We established the following non-negotiables for our students to perform at high levels:

  • We must build relationships first with our students. It is the platform for our training to begin with them.
  • Believe in our students and let them know that daily.
  • Students capabilities can sometimes be masked by their lack of academic exposure. We will ensure we bring experiences to them daily in class and not assume they know it.
  • The TEKS must drive our instruction.
  • Opportunities to reach Higher Levels of Blooms daily.
  • We must assess formally and informally in order to constantly know where our students are in their training process.
  • Deep analysis should prescribe their road to success.
  • Goal setting at all levels.
  • Fundamental 5 and Avid strategies are the plate in which we serve our student's instruction daily.
  • Engagement will raise the level of student performance. Be engaging!
  • Instructional time should be maximized daily. There is always a sense of urgency!
  • Effective instruction is not about whether we taught it. It's about whether the students learned it. Always seek to know if they know it.

I get so excited thinking about the great successes our students will experience this year. Thank you for being prepared for them daily and providing them the absolute best academic experience ever!

Great reminder:

We must plan with the end in mind (backward planning) and stretch our kids beyond state standards into what Sean Cain calls the “great unknown.”

Our Cafeteria Staff has done a phenomenal job with BIC! Find a creative way to Thank them and let them know how much we care for them!

Join PTA Today!

I want to encourage all staff members to join PTA! I wonder which grade level team will be the 1st to have all team members join PTA! I see JEANS, JEANS and JEANS in the very near future!