Coppell Animal Researchers

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Coppell Animal Researchers - Help us create immunities for diseases

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Coppell Animal Researchers (Carson R Colten C Jazmyne S)

Executive Summary

In order to obtain the necessary equipment for experimenting Coppell Animal Researchers would require a sum of $150,000.

Modern day medicine is being used for common diseases around the world. What about the diseases that are at large and we don't have a cure for? Transgenic animal research would allow us to find immunities for these diseases. By researching animals and their DNA we can find animals that are immune to malaria or aids and we can eventually use this for humans and stop major diseases.

We plan to make the next generation of medicine by injecting immunities into embryos and preventing major diseases from the start. We can also make foods that are more Protein filled and with less fat, using different animals DNA to creat the "super animal".

Modern day diseases are becoming more deadly and we still do not have a cure. Researching transgenic animals would help the world in many ways including food and medicine.

The Problem

A Transgenic animal is an animal that has had a modification of its genome on purpose. Transgenic animals have the potential to help in many different aspects of human welfare. They will be able to help with agriculture by making larger sheep that grows more wool. It can also help in our medicine and in our industry. The majority of our transgenic animals produced so far are mice. We have also been able to produce animals such as rabbits, pigs, sheep, and cattle. The main reasons these animals were used were for economic traits and disease models. We have produced transgenic cattle to produce milk containing human proteins used for treatment of human emphysema. The purpose for disease model transgenic animals is to give them symptoms of a disease, so we are able to study them. With the funds we get through this we will be able to broaden our horizon of transgenic animals. We will not only be able to improve what we already know, we will be able to create new transgenic animals to help in all sorts of new ways. We will be able to improve ways to defend against diseases. We will be able to improve what animals produce, such as the milk in cows or wool of sheep. Overall, transgenic animals potentially has the ability to perfect things in many aspects of the world.

Coppell Animal Researchers Program Description

The Coppell Animal researchers are a group of students taught by world leading teacher Mrs. Doggett. After graduating Harvard they decided to pursue genetic engineering. Transgenic animals were what the choose to study because they wanted to create new medicines to stop major diseases from spreading.


The Coppell Animal Researchers goal is to research transgenic animals to see how we can study animals and how we can add their DNA to other animals DNA . We would like to be able to change the DNA of humans and help create Immunities for diseases.


Obtain the necessary equipment to start experimentingExperiment different diseases and how they effect test subjects and what part of the DNA does it effect

Find out how can we use the DNA of an animal that is immune to a deadly disease to humans and insert into human DNA so we would also be immune.

Start testing humans to see if they accept the animal DNA.

Event details

The Coppell animal research staff Training will be held for a whole week starting May 11-17 at the Coppell Animal Researchers facility. Training will start at 9:30 am and end at 12:30 am. Once everybody gets here we will have you all register for the training and get started. You will be divided into 3 groups with a scientist for each group, that will show you how to use all the equipment.


The overall goals of the Coppell Animal Researchers are realistic and doable. The skill set and knowledge of the 3 scientists are extremely commendable. The Coppell Animal Researchers will change the world by creating new medicines and foods used to cure the worlds major diseases and get the most from our foods.


The equipment required to perform micro injection includes:

  • CO2 incubator to maintain manipulated embryos at 37-38° C in an atmosphere of 5-6 percent CO2.
  • Inverted microscope with a fixed stage.
  • Phase contrast, Nomarski differential interference, or Hoffman modulated contrast optical systems to visualize pronuclei. With 10x or 15x eyepieces, a 20x or 40x objective is required.
  • A pair of micromanipulators to control the DNA injection pipet and the embryo-holding pipet.
  • A pair of micro-volume syringes and associated tubing to regulate the fluid dynamics in the injection and holding pipets. (Expensive automatic microinjection systems are available in lieu of the injection syringe.)
  • Pipet-pulling apparatus.
  • Vibration-free pneumatic table (optional).
  • Microforge apparatus to heat-polish and bend pipets.
  • Pipet beveling apparatus (optional).
  • Supply of clean capillary pipets for the manufacture of holding and injection pipets.
  • Fluorinert solution (optional) to provide optimal fluid dynamics in the pipets.
  • Microphotographic equipment (optional) including 35mm camera and/or video recording apparatus.
  • Cages and feed for test animals such as rats and pigs.
  • Salary for workers and founders.

The total cost for all of the equipment and needs above would be $150,000


In the end, the creation of transgenic animals are resulted in the change of the use of laboratory animals. We have went from using more valuable animals such as dogs to less valuable animals such as mice in order to change many aspects of life. The number of animals used in the development of diseased models have decreased. This is certainly a good turn of events since transgenic animals has great potential I'm many fields including agriculture, medicine, and industry. With the money from the competition, we will be able to even further extend our research and projects of transgenic animals. The money will let us go beyond much farther than we ever have, letting us produce even more treatments to diseases and overall making the world a better place.