We will be starting On Campus Instruction on Monday, September 28th with arrivals starting @ 7:15 a.m. Please see attached arrival to school information at the links provided below. We have many health and safety procedures in place and we are ready to accept students for On Campus Learning/Instruction for those parents that are choosing to send their children back to school. I would like to send a few reminders to parents especially for those that are continuing to choose remote/distance learning for their children. Please read the very important information below.


If you child is enrolled and currently failing or has not completed ANY assignments online through our remote/distance learning program, JMA administration HIGHLY RECOMMENDS that you send your child back to campus for instruction on September 28th. If your child/children are not turning in assignments and failing THEY ARE AT RISK OF:

  1. Failing their grade level for the semester or for the entire school year and not receiving credit
  2. Required to complete credit recovery or additional course work in the future to earn credit for coursework/class assignments not completed
  3. Failing the required state STAAR/EOC assessments in the Spring of 2021
  4. Being administratively withdrawn from JMA for not meeting attendance or engagement guidelines for school and the State of Texas and required to return to public home school in the ISD according to home address
  5. Having excessive absences that do not meet the attendance requirements of public education for the State of Texas that are reported to the Texas Education Agency (TEA) which could result in truancy tickets/fines

JMA Administration understands that your child/children's health and safety are a priority for you as a parent however, it is also your obligation as a parent and a state law that your child/children be enrolled and participate in an educational program either remotely off campus or on campus. Non-participation and non-engagement is not an option for any student in the State of Texas.

If you are struggling with the above information please contact us as soon as possible for support and we will assist you with your child/children's engagement and participation.

As we approach Monday, September 28th we look forward to seeing your children on campus and we look forward to continue supporting our remote/distance learners as well.


Monica Fox, M.Ed.


Jean Massieu Academy

School Supply Information

  • We will be providing each student with two facemasks or they can wear their own and will be sent home with their own mask at the end of each school day
  • Updated school supply lists are on the JMA website under the schools tab at the top of the first page
  • Please do not send all school supplies at one time on the first day. Instead, please divide them out and send them over the course of the week. We will have to disinfect and organize the supplies coming from home before sending them to class for your student
  • Check with individual classroom teachers regarding back packs and what each teacher will be doing
  • Please make sure to send an extra change of clothing for our younger students Pre-k -1st grades
  • Lunches will be allowed in lunchboxes or brown paper sacks only. No restaurant containers or food will be allowed

Below Additional Links, Important Information and Resources for Parents and Students- PLEASE READ