Alan Turing

Alan Turing's life


Alan Turing was born on the 23rd of June. As a young boy he was very clever and into all sorts. already at a young age he was looking at Einstein's relativity theory and recognising what was in it. he soon summed it up at a very young age. his mum and dad we do not really know about but everyone soon knew that Alan Turing was going to do great things at an older age. He studied quantum mechanics, number theory and logic algebra.
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the government soon picked up that Alan was a great man and could do many things to support the government. he was soon a war time code breaker for the government and cracking more codes than anyone else. he was well known and a very good code breaker. but very soon there was a code that no one could break until Alan Turing...
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The enigma code

the enigma code was a code that germans began to make in ww1. this was so that any signals that were intercepted meant that the enemy could not. Alan Turing was on the elite team that was there to break the code. it was a very hard code to break. this would be his first step to making a close to computer to crack the code. he then made a spectacular machine that would crack the code so that we could find out what their plans were. he was awarded a medal.


Computers were still not available back then but Alan wanted to make one after the war. he went to Manchester university to help them build the first computer. this was very promising because in 50 years they would be all around the world.

last days

after this things went downhill. some people found out about Alan Turing's sexuality. they did not agree with this back in the day and thought of this as wrong. it was either go to prison or have medial procedures for as year. he chose the medics. it was mainly like torture for all the year around as these things did not work. he then committed suicide because of this.


there is now a movie dedicated to the great man that is Alan turing. the role playing him is benedict cumberbatch. which is an ideal role.
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