By: Skylar Kelly


Apollo an immortal God

Apollo is the god of music

Roman name: Apollo

Mother: Leto

Father: Zeus

Children: Asclepius, Orpheus, Tralius, Aristaeus


-Apollo is the god of music

-Apollos holy animal is the dolphin

-His name came from the Greek word apollyn meaning destroyer

-He is often seen playing the lyre, An instrument given to him by hermes

-Apollo invented the lute

-He could bring forth disease with his arrows

-He cause an invasion of mice

-His twin sister is artimis

-He slayed the giant Tityos

-He had the power to heal

Gallery of the Gods: Apollo
I chose Apollo because I like music. I also play many instruments just like Apollo. Another reason why i chose him is because his spirit animal is the dolphin. Dolphins are one of my favorite animals.

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