The Beautiful and the Damned

Katie Funkhouser

Background Information

Marilyn Monroe was a known actress, singer, model, and sex symbol for America. She was born June 1st, 1926 and lived in Los Angeles, California. Everybody knew Marilyn most from her affair with the president of the United States and his brother as well. She was seeing the president while he was married. When he wanted to end it, he sent his brother to her house. This led to his brother Bobby falling into her charm and they began to see each other. Bobby allegedly promised to divorce his wife and marry her. Those promises were broken.
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The End

On August 5th, 1962 in Marilyn Monroe's home in LA, she was found dead. Monroe was found by her maid Eunice. When she was found she was faced down on her bed naked with the phone in her hand. Around her bed were the pill bottles for the pills she had been prescribed for by her psychiatrist.
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The death of Marilyn Monroe has been a very talked about , controversial subject. When her publicist Author Jacobs became aware of her death around 10:30 PM, he didn't notify the authorities until 4:30 AM. Why did he take so long to call? The first officer to show up at the crime scene believed that the room had been tampered with. The maid was even doing laundry. Some reporters believe that this was part of a conspiracy theory involving Bobby Kennedy and his brother. Marilyn Monroe was known mostly for having an affair with both the president and his brother Bobby. She allegedly was rejected by both the brothers towards the end and she threatened to share secrets with the media about their affairs and more. Those that believe that her death was a conspiracy theory, believe that the Kennedy brothers had shared too much information with her so they took her out(killed her). Even the autopsy came up clear of pills or alcohol. If she overdosed from the pills and wasn't murdered then wouldn't there be a trace of the depressants in her system? Monroe's house was even said to be bugged by Bernard Spindel. Spindel claimed he even heard Bobby arguing with Monroe that day in her home. Books have been written claiming that this is the real reason she was killed, not a suicide.
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Newspapers such as New York Mirror and Daily Newsletter claim spin it as a suicide and a drug overdose. Marilyn was said to be a depressed and disturbed. She was prescribed to barbiturates(depressants). She suffered from psychiatric disturbances. Monroe had been reported attempting suicide on more than one occasion when depressed. It was even told that she had been very disturbed and depressed in the weeks before her alleged suicide. The newspapers spun it as she was just a depressed girl who killed herself.

My Beliefs

I believe that it was a murder. In my eyes Bobby and JFK had secrets that they didn't want to get out so they killed her to save themselves and maybe even the country from secret outbreaks. Monroe made them feel threatened and they were scared. Like the book and other reports say, the hours before the police were called had to be used for something. In those hours lost I believe that someone cleaned up the crime scene and hid the real story from the public. The Kennedy brothers might not have killed her themselves, but they had someone do it. All the facts don't add up to suicide, its shady. If she committed suicide there would have been traces of the drugs in her system, which there was not.


Media portrayed Monroe to look bad. They made her seem depressed and made her seem like a hoe. Marilyn was a women with beauty and dedication to her acting and modeling. Newspapers eventually found themselves never saying good things about her because they were too busy picking out her flaws. When she passed away, most the papers claimed she committed suicide or that it was an accident. Now a days if you research about her death, there have been books written about the "truth" of her murder. Even columns claim that it was a conspiracy theory. What is the truth? Nobody really knows...
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Out of all the criticisms I believe that Marilyn witnessed mostly feminist criticism. The people looked at her as a slut and looked down on her because she was a women having sex with a married man. If the roles were reverse, the man wouldn't be getting critiqued as much about it. The women are always looked as hoes and low lives but in reality we don't know the whole story. Her one of her affairs happened to be with the president of the United States(JFK). Marxist criticism also played a big part in this as well. He had money and power to do whatever he wanted to keep their secrets and affairs from getting out to the public. His power and rule made the people hate Monroe and look down on her.




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