"An unexplored life is not worth living"

About the quote

What socrates is trying to say is live every moment to the fullest. If you just let things by and say oh I will get it next time. What if there isn't a next time and that is what he is trying to say. Take every moment like it is your last. Socrates has a reputation of going against authority. He would always think outside the box which is what made him so famous. Socrates is part of the reason of why we think the way we do today.

Relationships with ancient greece

In ancient greece people never thought differently. They just did as they were told and never questioned anything in life. There answer to everything was the gods and Socrates started teaching these people a different way of thinking which started a whole new revolution. He questioned things and thought differently. Some people took this as wrong a crime because it went against a lot of what people believed in.


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