From your friendly neighborhood IFs

for the week of February 2nd

This week's events

Monday - 2:30-3:45 ELPA 21 Proctor Training in the computer lab
Tuesday - 3:45-4:30 Teacher Directed Collaboration in the library (Ashlee will be out in the PM)
Friday - (IFs will be out in the PM for an IF meeting)

Broken Record

Please remember to share copies of current writing samples with your IF. If you have final scores from your Expository and/or Opinion Writing genre, please also share those with both IFs. It can be in electronic or paper form. I am using this work as part of my SMART goal and would love to see progress throughout the year.

When I was covering for Mr. Bruso on Thursday his kids were playing a cool multiplication game. You might give the game below a try if multiplication is something your kids need practice with.

Are you making note of changes?

I want to encourage you to note any changes, successes, challenges, differentiations, addition resources, etc. that you have made to your lessons somewhere that you can find them next year. So often we as educations make hundreds of these decisions on a daily basis mentally but don't take the time to document them for future planning. Think of the time you'll save yourself if you take a few minutes now rather than scrambling next time you teach that standard or lesson because you can't remember! I used to just put a sticky note on the TE page with a short explanation or place a copy in the TE at the lesson where a used that resource for next time. I have spoken to several teachers lately that have commented on how they haven't been doing this and wish they would have because they already forgot.

National School Counselors Week

We are so lucky to have Blanca at our building, working the miracles she does with our kiddos! She does so much to allow our students to be able to focus on school and improve their socio-emotional selves at the same time. We appreciate you more than you know. Be on the look out for some surprises Blanca!