Cal-Mum Newsletter

Introducing the Class of 2021 Top Ten Seniors

A Message from Cal-Mum High School Principal Dr. Rebekah Chenaille

On behalf of the Board of Education, the Administrative team, the faculty and staff, it is my pleasure to introduce the:

Class of 2021 Valedictorian, Katelyn Zehler and

Salutatorian, Abigail Richter

And the following top students in the Class of 2021:

Emma Efing, Summer Lin, Emerson Martelle, Matthew Dollard, Liviya Kiriyak,
Carly Cohen, Hannah Foote and Rowan Nothnagle.

Here at Caledonia-Mumford High School, the close of the first semester and launch of the second is a big deal to the senior class each year. It marks the start of the last semester of their senior year. It starts the countdown to senior trip, senior banquet, prom, and of course TO GRADUATION!

This change in our academic calendar also launches the final calculation of GPAs and the release of a most impressive list... The Top 10. So many graduates from the Class of 2021 represent the Cal-Mum Way. They have participated in every program we offer and made our school community proud.

The Top 10 list symbolizes a group of young people who participated to their fullest potential while maintaining the highest levels of academic achievement.

Class of 2021 Valedictorian Katelyn Zehler

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Katelyn is the Class of 2021 Valedictorian. She attends the Health Academy at the Genesee Valley Educational Partnership with plans to become a physician’s assistant. Katelyn has an interest in neurology and plans to specialize her career in that area of medicine.

Katelyn completed several Cal-Mum High School advanced placement courses while spending half days off campus at the Health Academy. She also took many of the Genesee Community College courses offered at CMCS as well as some that were online. Her impressive transcript includes numerous courses associated with the medical field.

It is obvious that Katelyn loves music and took every opportunity that she could to participate in music classes in high school. She also took advantage of musical extra-curricular activities including holding a role in the high school musical, performing with the Pep Band (football games), Concert Band, Flute Ensemble, Jazz Band, Marching Band, Pit Band (for the musical before actually taking an acting role). Currently, she is a cast member in the Class of 2021 Senior play. Katelyn is the vice-president of the Caledonia-Mumford High School National Honor Society.

Her interests extend beyond the school day as well. Katelyn is involved with her church as an altar server, scouting, athletics and volunteers at CHS Mobile Integrated Health. Katelyn also works per diem as a medical technician at Northern Star Medical and part time at Milex Pharmacy.

Favorite High School Course

“In terms of atmosphere- Physics. In terms of the actual subject at hand- Band. In terms of a subject that has actually proven to be surprisingly interesting and I feel is very useful in regards to understanding how the world works- AP Macro and Micro Economics.”

Best High School Memory

“Performance nights for musical, Physics parties, and Rowan Nothnagle eating my paper with no warning whatsoever in AP World History.”

Class of 2021 Salutatorian Abigail Richter

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Abigail is the Class of 2021 Salutatorian. As a high school student, she took numerous advanced placement courses alongside several college-level courses, which led to her earning an Associate's Degree from Genesee Community College while still in high school. She completed GCC’s ACE (Accelerated College Enrollment) and will receive both her high school and college diplomas this spring.

Abby is very active in school athletics and activities. She is a member of the Outdoor Track & Field team, Indoor Track & Field team, and the Soccer team. She has held a role in the cast of the high school musical every year and volunteered as a student director for the middle school play for three years. She is a member of the Student Council and Debate Club and is currently a cast member for the Class of 2021 senior play.

Outside of school, Abby is an altar server at her church and a volunteer for many evening events at CMCS.

Favorite High School Course

“AP Economics because it helps me understand how the economy works which relates to my interest in politics. This class has also taught me how to be a more educated citizen and eventually a voter.”

Best High School Memory

“My favorite high school memory is hanging out with my friends in Indoor Track both at practice and at meets. More specifically, I enjoyed building a snowman that resembled our coach at one practice.”

Class of 2021 Top Ten - Emma Efing

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Emma Efing

Emma challenged herself throughout high school with a variety of advanced placement and college credit-bearing courses at Cal-Mum. She also participated in just about every club and activity that there is offered at Cal-Mum High School. Emma especially enjoyed competing on the Math and Brainstormers teams. She was a member of the Ski Club and the Tennis team.

Emma says by far her most enjoyed activities centered on music and acting. She is a member of the band and chorus and the small ensembles within each group. She held a role in the high school musical for all four years. Emma is a member of the Caledonia-Mumford High School National Honor Society, a high honor student and served as class president in her sophomore and junior years.

Emma is equally active outside of school. She has been a member of a dojo for six years and holds the rank of black belt. She often volunteers to teach classes at the dojo and in the summer months, you will see Emma volunteering at the Genesee Country Museum. Emma was selected to attend the HOBY (Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership) Seminar, whose mission is to develop a global community of youth volunteers.

Favorite High School Course

“My favorite high school course is Band class because I love the chance to further my skill at the flute and I loved being with my flute buddies who I rarely saw outside of band. In addition, I loved being able to play alto flute in flute ensemble.”

Best High School Memory

“My favorite memory from High School was the musical, both the rehearsals and the shows themselves.”

Class of 2021 Top Ten - Summer Lin

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Summer chose to take many rigorous courses throughout high school including several advanced placement and college credit-bearing course through Genesee Community College.

What Summer is most proud of is the five levels of Spanish language classes that she took, including the advanced level four and five courses, in which she earned GCC credit. Summer will graduate with a biliteracy seal on her diploma, a recognition of the three languages she speaks.

Summer is actively involved in high school and is a member of the Ski Club, Spanish Club, Math Club and Chess Club. She also is a Student Council Officer, a member of the Cal-Mum National Honor Society, Brainstormers, academic competition team, and involved with the Yearbook Committee.

Favorite High School Course

“My most favorite courses are definitely Spanish, Biology, and Physics. All these classes have their own challenges and were difficult, but that is what interested me because it all taught me how to overcome obstacles when I come across them. No matter what field I go into, the lessons I learn in these classes will help me wherever I go.”

Best High School Memory

“My favorite high school memory is when our Brainstormer team won first place and we went to McDonalds after.”

Class of 2021 Top Ten - Emerson Martelle

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Emerson Martelle

Emerson filled his high school schedule with a variety of challenging advanced placement courses, many of them based in math, language and computer science. Emerson plans to study computer science and engineering in college.

He plays in the Cal-Mum High School band. Emerson also was a member of the JV and Varsity Soccer and Tennis teams throughout high school. He is President of the Cal-Mum High School National Honor Society.

Outside of school Emerson likes to write and produce his own music and play chess and video games with his friends.

Favorite High School Course

“Favorite high school course was Spanish because I liked to learn (about) different cultures and a second language is a valuable skill.”

Best High School Memory

“Playing a song with my friends for the 2019 Seniors for Seniors event.”

Class of 2021 Top Ten - Matthew Dollard

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Matthew's high school transcript is well-rounded as he took challenging courses in addition to many of Project Lead the Way courses, including Introduction to Engineering Design, Computer Integrated Manufacturing and Principles of Engineering. PLTW courses yield college credit through Rochester Institute of Technology.

Matt played JV and Varsity Tennis and Soccer for all four years of high school and sang in the high school chorus for two years.

Outside of school, Matt is an altar server at this church and volunteers at Foodlink. He also volunteered for the Parents as Reading Partners festival at the elementary school.

Favorite High School Course

“My favorite course would have to be Principles of Engineering because of how enjoyable the class was. The workload was not crazy and the free snacks made the class very nice. The things our class learned were very interesting, such as the bridges of the world.”

Best High School Memory

“My favorite high school memory was the time when Emerson and I placed in Individual Tennis Sectionals and were able to go to state qualifiers.”

Class of 2021 Top Ten - Liviya Kiriyak

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Liviya has been very busy these last couple of years in high school as she doubled up on her coursework with the goal of graduating a year early. Liviya would have been a graduate of the Class of 2022 but because of her focused determination, she will receive her high school diploma in June, finishing in the top ten of the Class of 2021. After high school, Liviya would like to become a Registered Nurse specializing in neonatal care.

Liviya is involved in athletics and played on the Soccer, Tennis and Track teams. She has been part of the high school musical each year and is a member of the Ski Club. Currently, she is rehearsing with the cast of this spring’s senior play.

Outside of school, Liv is very active in her church youth group and volunteers for their vacation bible school.

Favorite High School Course

“My favorite high school course would most likely be Algebra II with Ms. DiTucci because it made sense and there were answers for all the problems you would come across. Another class that I loved was Exercise Physiology with Mr. Henry because it was so interesting to learn how to take care of sports injuries and a super fun class that I looked forward to every day.”

Best High School Memory

“My favorite memory was Homecoming week because it was full of school spirit, lots of fun, and everybody was always together.”

Class of 2021 Top Ten - Carly Cohen

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Carly has successfully completed many of Cal-Mum High School’s most challenging courses. She is a student in the Justice Academy at the Genesee Valley Educational Partnership. After high school, Carly has her sights set on a law career.

Carly took Spanish 4 and 5, which are Genesee Community College courses, which will earn her a bilingual seal on her high school diploma and will be very useful in her future law career.

Carly kept busy after school by being on the Soccer, Indoor and Outdoor Track, and Softball teams. She also participated in Ski Club and the high school Debate Club. Currently, Carly is rehearsing with the cast of the Class of 2021 senior play.

She works at Pizza Land, and she and her stepmother foster kittens through the SPCA.

Favorite High School Course

“My favorite courses aren’t actually high school courses, but they were offered to me when I was in high school. They are my Justice Academy courses, specifically an introduction to paralegal studies. This is because I find it the most interesting because it actually pertains to a field I would like to get into and I was good at it, it also allowed me to participate in mock trials and debates which I find really fun and actually beneficial for my future career. The professor is also a fantastic teacher who has helped me improve my skills enormously.”

Best High School Memory

“My best high school experience so far was going to sectionals twice with my indoor track team and placing in sectionals alongside them.”

Class of 2021 Top Ten - Hannah Foote

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Hannah filled her high school schedule with rigorous advanced placement courses and school activities. Hannah is a talented artist and so she has taken a full range of art classes offered at Cal-Mum High School. Her artwork was featured this year in the Start Here exhibit at RIT.

Hannah participates in several extracurricular activities such as Odyssey of the Mind, the high school musical and Brainstormers, an academic competition team. She is a member of the Cal-Mum High School Student Council and the National Honor Society.

Outside of school, Hannah enjoys doing her artwork, taking care of her pet rabbits, and skateboarding.

Favorite High School Course

“My favorite course was Portfolio Art. It was the most creative course I have taken in the past four years and allowed me to focus on my art, which is what I am most passionate about.”

Best High School Memory

“My favorite memories happened with being part of the musical (when we still had them).”

Class of 2021 Top Ten - Rowan Nothnagle

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At the onset of high school, Rowan chose an academic path that would earn him an Associate's Degree by the end of his senior year of high school. Rowan will graduate from the ACE (Accelerated College Enrollment) Program and receive his college degree in May 2021. One month later, he will receive his high school diploma from Caledonia-Mumford High School.

Rowan kept himself very active in a variety of school activities including competing on the ICE Team (English competition) and Math competitions. He is a member of the high school music program, playing in the Concert and Marching bands, Jazz Ensemble and other small ensembles. He also sang in the Chorus, served as class vice-president, and is a member of the Cal-Mum High School National Honor Society.

Rowan’s after school involvements include being active in Boy Scouts, volunteer opportunities, his church and studying vocal music with a private teacher.

Favorite High School Course

“World history, I loved all of the different games and activities we got to do in those classes.”

Best High School Memory

“My team placing third at ICE competition in 2020.”

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