Better interpesonal communication

by Tyler Hartsock

Good Eye Contact and Body Language

It is important to keep good eye contact with a person or group you are having a conversation with, good eye contact makes it easier to have a relatable conversation with those people. Body language can easily change the mood or thoughts of the person you're communicating with its important to be consistent with it and make sure it relates to what you are saying to them.

Being respectful to others while they are speaking

While others are speaking in a conversation it is very important to be respectful to that person, do not interrupt while they are talking or make rude comments when you do not agree with what they are saying.

Pay Attention while others are talking

When others are talking it is important to pay attention to the conversation because you never know when something someone is saying could be important to the rest of the conversation if you are not paying attention it makes it a lot more difficult for you to continue the conversation because you may not know what to respond to what others are saying if you can not remember what the other person was talking about. If you get caught not paying attention it could offend the other person that is talking with you.

Be Considerate

It is very important to be considerate and let others speak in the conversation and do not talk the entire time let them put in their thoughts too and make sure you pay attention to them to make it easier to continue the conversation.