Granger School Weekly Newsletter

September 3-7, 2018

Quick Reminders/Planning Ahead

You're invited to come see the Lady Lions Volleyball home games tonight starting @ 5:00!

Thursday, Sept. 6 Charge of the Pride shirt orders due

Thursday, Sept. 6 Read a Book Day

Wednesday, Sept. 12 School Board Meeting 6:30

Sunday, Sept. 16 Last day to get special price for yearbook

Thursday, Sept. 27 THS College Fair for Senior Class 1-3 pm

Friday, Oct. 5 Homecoming game vs Somerville 7:00 pm

Planning Ahead

Sophomores: ASVAB testing Wed. Sept. 26

PTO Meetings @ 7:00 in cafeteria on:

September 24th

October 29th

November 26th

Lunch Menu

Tuesday: Chicken Tenders

Wednesday: Chicken Alfredo

Thursday: Crispy Beef Tacos

Friday: Cheeseburger

They got this!

For the little ones, the first week of school can be rough. Once they know the routine, the anxiety of new experiences will turn familiar, and all will be well.
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Scavenger Hunt

Pictured: Yearbook staff completing the year book assignment. What a fun class!
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Out of Character

"He made mistakes, true. He was disliked. He was disrespected. Unfairly judged. Not telling his side, his story. He took the hate, the judgement, kept his word. Once his story was known, it was too late. Eternity took the chance of friendship, which could have been forged through forgiveness and understanding. But through it all, he loved. Always."

This is why Severus Snape is one of the library director's favorite characters from the Harry Potter series. "Knowing the end of the story made me want to go back and look at him in a different light. In real life, people do things out of character for reasons unknown even to themselves. However, we don't get Hermione's time turner, only careful reflection and the hope that wrongs can be righted."

September 6th is Read a Book day. The Harry Potter series celebrated it's 21st year since the publishing of the first of seven books on June 26th. The series took ten years to complete and is still a favorite with many.

Laughter is the best medicine

Why did the mushroom go to the party?

Answer: Because he was a fungi.

Submitted by: Emiley Payan - 1st grade

Have you heard yet?

Yearbooks for the 2018-2019 school year are now on sale at their lowest price of the year!
$25 for faculty and staff
$32 for students
until September 16th.

Prices will go up so reserve yours today.
Student recognition ads for ALL grade levels also available for purchase.

Don't know how to order? Ask a yearbook staff member or Ms. Guerra.

Yearbook staff members: Jason Salcedo, Haley Smith, Melanie Hernandez, Hannah Penny, Alexis Overmyer, and Madison Donahue


Varsity Football

Sept. 7 Frost 7:00 Away

Sept. 14 Meridian 7:00 Away

Sept. 21 Bruceville-Eddy 7:00 HOME

Sept. 28 Anderson-Shiro 7:00 Away

Oct. 5 Somerville 7:00 HOMECOMING

Oct. 12 Iola 7:00 Away

Oct. 19 Bremond 7:00 HOME

Oct. 26 Bartlett 7:00 Away

Nov. 2 Bye Week

Nov. 9 Chilton 7:00 HOME

JV Football

Sept. 6 Somerville 5:30 HOME

Sept. 13 Meridian 6:30 HOME

Sept. 20 Bruceville-Eddy 6:30 Away

Sept. 27 Anderson-Shiro 6:30 HOME

Oct. 4 Somerville 6:30 Away

Oct. 11 Iola 6:30 HOME

Oct. 18 Bremond 6:30 Away

Oct. 25 Bartlett 6:30 HOME

Nov. 1 Bye Week

Nov. 8 Chilton 6:30 Away

Junior High Football

Sept. 13 Meridian 5:30 HOME

Sept. 20 Bruceville-Eddy 5:30 Away

Sept. 27 Anderson-Shiro 5:30 HOME

Oct. 4 Somerville 5:30 Away

Oct. 11 Iola 5:30 HOME

Oct. 18 Bremond 5:30 Away

Oct. 25 Bartlett 5:30 HOME

Nov. 1 Bye Week

Nov. 8 Chilton 5:30 HOME

Lady Lion Volleyball

Sept. 4 Tues. Thorndale 5:00 HOME F, JV, V

Sept. 8 Sat. Bartlett 1:00 Bartlett JV, V

Sept. 11 Tues. Holland 5:00 HOME F, JV, V

Sept.15 Sat. Buckholts @ Buckholts V

Sept. 18 Tues. Milano 5:00 HOME JV, V

Sept. 22 Sat. Mumfor 1:00 @Mumford JV, V

Sept. 25 Tues. Thrall 5:00 HOME F, JV, V

Sept. 29 Sat. Thorndale 1:00 @ Thorndale F, JV, V

Oct. 2 Tues. Bartlett 5:00 HOME JV, V

Oct. 6 Sat. Holland 4:00 @ Holland F, JV, V

Oct. 9 Tues. Buckholts 5:00 HOME V

Oct. 13 Sat. Milano 1:00 @ Milano JV, V

Oct. 16 Tues. Mumford 5:00 HOME F, JV, V

Oct. 20 Sat. Thrall 1:00 @Thrall F, JV, V


Sophomores: ASVAB Wed. Sept. 26

RTI Progress Monitoring Calendar

Sept. 4-7 Reading

Sept. 10-14 Math

Sept. 17-21 OFF/Make-Up

*Sept. 24-28 Reading BOY

*Oct. 1-5 Math BOY

Oct. 8-12 OFF

Oct. 15-19 Reading

Oct. 22-26 Math

Oct. 29-Nov. 2 OFF/Make-Up

Nov. 5-9 Reading

Nov. 12-16 Math

Nov. 19-23 - OFF (School closed)

Nov. 26-30 Reading

Dec. 3-7 Math

Dec. 10-14 OFF/Make-up

Dec. 17-21 OFF

*Jan. 8-11 Reading MOY

*Jan. 14-18 Math MOY

Jan. 22-25 OFF

Jan. 28-Feb. 1 Reading

Feb. 4-8 Math

Feb. 11-15 OFF/Make-Up

Feb. 19-22 Reading

Feb. 25-March 1 Math

March 4-8 OFF/Make-Up

March 11-15 OFF (Spring Break)

March 18-22 Reading

March 25-29 Math

April 1-5 OFF

*April 8-12 Reading EOY

*April 15-18 Math EOY

April 23-26 OFF

April 29-May 3 Reading

May 6-10 Math

May 13-17 OFF/Make-Up

May 20-24 OFF

*Remember to check school website and Dojo in case of any last minute changes due to situations beyond GISD control.

Friendly Reminder

*All students in grades 7-12 have the 2018-19 $35 laptop insurance due please.

*Pep Rally is no longer at the end of the day. It is now during advisory period on Friday's. (2:20-2:50) Parents: For your child's safety, please send note to teacher in advance if you will be taking your student after the pep rally. This gives the teacher a chance to have the student prepared. If this is not possible, the student will need to return to class after the rally and regular check out procedures will apply. Thank you for your understanding.