By Jackie Almaraz and Trinity Fletchall

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  • Salt contributes to flavor.
  • It controls the fermentation in the yeast and it has a strengthening protein.
  • Salt is most found in the seas.
  • The types of salt are: kosher, sea, iodized and regular salt.
  • The average price for salt is $2.
  • When baking, salts main purpose is to tighten the gluten structure and provide flavor.
  • Without salt the baked product would have a flat, insipid taste.
  • If you need a salt sub. , use lemon juice, it works sometimes so don't use it all the time.
  • The recipe below uses salt to make roasted garlic salt.

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Fun Facts

  • Roman soldiers were paid is salt, the word salary also comes from salt
  • It's not possible to live without salt
  • Salt has 14,000 different uses