Indentured Servants

The Story of the poor voyagers who couldn't pay

Paragraph 1


Being an Indentured Servant wasn't alright, or enjoyable. It was simply horrible, be cause of how life was for them. The Servants didn't get much to eat at all. Some nights, they went to bed hungry. Other nights, they had to eat what they could. The Pilgrims didn't have enough people to farm and grow, so they had the Indentured Servants. The Pilgrims would punish a servant for disobeying or not doing what their owners wanted. That's the life of the Indentured Servants, who had to pay off their voyage to America through hard work.

Breakfast, Lunch, Supper & Dinner

Indentured Servants wouldn't get much to eat at all. The servant's owners didn't want to use the food grown by the servants, to feed the servants, because the servants grew crops for their owners.The servants would work to pay off his voyage, not to get good food & comfort. They didn't have enough to pay off their voyage, so they had to work under horrible conditions.These are the reasons that the servants didn't get food.

Paragraph 2

How the Servants helped the pilgrims

The Pilgrims didn't have much people at a time to work with plantation, so they had the Indentured Servants helped. The Indentured Servants would have to wok. They didn't have enough money to come to America, so they worked off their Fees. They would work in the gardens, in the ranches (milking, feeding, cleaning), and they would also work in the Main House. (The house that the servant owners lived in.) The servants would work very hard to pay off their Fees by 'Helping' the Pilgrims.

Paragraph 3


The servant's punishments and cruel treatment was possibly the worst of it all. The Pilgrims who owned the servants were cruel with horrible punishments. Most punishments were beatings and whippings. Servants who disobeyed were beaten. A smart servant would follow directions and orders he was given. Most servant owners beat their servants so much, that there was marks left in their backs for being beaten so very much. Punishments were incredibly horrid.


Indentured Servants

The Indentured Servant's life was very horrid. Back them, many people who couldn't pay their Fees had to face this lifestyle. Many of the people hated living like this so much, that they ended their lives. The past of Indentured Servants is very dark. The Indentured Servant's terms ended in a couple years. If they haven't ended their lives in the span that they were working in, they got new clothes, some money, and were sent on their merry way into a new life. That is the life of Indentured Servants.

By: Christine Cartright