What's The Deal With the Deal?

Iran Nuclear Deal with The USA

Nuclear Agreement

Iran is a country that the U.S.A has been fighting with for decades. An agreement between the U.S and Iran may put out this 30 year long fire.

Iran and the United States have devised a deal in which Iran will agree to halt their nuclear production, any nuclear production for a certain amount of years. This is only if the United States agrees to lift all sanctions on Iran. The sanctions imposed on Iran include sanctions on their transportation, financial, energy, shipping, and missile sectors ("Iran Sanctions").

Questions and Answers

Questions some may have on this topic include: What is this deal going to do for the U.S.A? Will it be a good thing or a bad thing? And, what will be the effects on both the United States and Iran once the deal is put into action?

The deal is going to help the U.S. because it may cut the tight string of disagreements between Iran and the U.S. also the deal would mean no production of nuclear products...at all. This deal is definitely a good thing, for Iran and the U.S. Iran gets lifted sanctions, the U.S. gets a some what reassurance of safety, and they both get something to stop the decades of quarrels. Lastly, no one exactly knows what the effects of this deal will be because of the unpredictability of Iran. Many believe that Iran and the United States will be able to repair communications (even President Obama is confident in this). But some including a man named Mr. Sadjadpour say that there isn't a guarantee that the political relationship between the two countries will be better (Shane).

Deadlines Everywhere

For this deal to happen there had to be certain times for the plans to be drawn up. There were two important dates for this Nuclear Deal. First, at the end of March they (Congress) should have written up a "first draft" of the deal and by the end of June the deal should be finalized (Gordan).