Roman Empire

By: Teeana Schulmeister


Hi my name is Teeana and im going to tell u a little about what i did my project on it might not be that long but i did my project on the king of early rome, the etruscan conquest.the roman republic

The king of early rome

The early rome had no written history it had myths and. Legands and that was the most populer thing to rome fables were.Made to they had hard times understanding the truth about life and two exseting works that give the roman history.This was about 600bc

The etruscan conquest

shortly after 600bc rome was conquered by several etruscan.People from across the tiber river daiting from this peroid of time. Information about roman history is slightly more mixed

The roman republic

In spirte of romes progrese the latin junicus.Said we have to go against the people about 506 bc. Kings were hateful to the roman people


I learned that myths and legands are not true and that they add more scary sad happy or other stuff to get more thrill out of it and they might hope that there kids well add more to it and keep passing it one and tell like not one word is the same and look back when it was a little true or if it was true they would try to make it toldely not true and like more exciting to her over and over because it might have been boring to hear and hear if its plain but exciting and cool would be more cool to hear over and over again.