Sisterhood of Spies

Sam Young

1. Nancy Wake

I ranked Wake the best spy because she was heroic and hearltess which made her an excellent spy. She was number one on Gestopos most wanted list and was worth five million dollars, she said about the war, "I don't know what i'll do about it, but if I can do anything, one day i'll do it." Wake attempted to cross the Pyrenes Mountains into Spain six times and was captured by the French Milice. She was interrogated for four days but finally escaped, Wake also told lies to her own husband to keep her identity safe. Nancy was awarded four awards for her amazing spy work.

3. Loreta Velazquez

Valazques was an unstoppable spy, she disguised herself as a man so that she could enter the army. Wen she did enlist, she did it without her husband, who was a soldier, knowing about it. When she was discovered, they discharged her but she reinlisted again under her husbands name. When she was unmasked again, she became a spy under the identity of a male and female. She remairred three times and stole her husbands uniforms and moved to Arkansas to attempt to reinlist ounce again.

2. Noor Inayat Kahn

Noor was a full of courage and brave, going into her mission she knew about her harsh and brutal consequences if she was caught, and that her expected survival time was six weeks, but she preceeded anyway. She soared into her missoin by parachute right behind the emeny lines. Kahn not only lied to the enemy's face, she was beaten for information, tortured, and still lived twice as long as expected. When being tortured, Kahn never cried, made a noise, or gave any information away. She was offered to be extracted from the mission but she refused and finished her quest by being beaten to death and the only thing that left her lips was the word, "Liberty".

4. Elizabeth Bentley

Elizabeth was extremely busy and active, she exposed two networks of spies, and named over 80 Americans who engaged in espionage for the soviets. Her work quickly became public and was soona media sensation. She grew up with strict, hard working parents and attended Vassar College, graduating in 1930 with a degree in English, Italian, and French. She became a teacher and a spy, and soon joined CPSUA (Communist Party of the United States). She planned assassinations and when her husband suffered a fatal heart attack, she took his place in the CPUSA, and was said to regret nothing.

5. Lona Cohen

Lona Cohen was smart and defiant, she married Moriss Cohen who also happened to be a spy. Cohen had a source smuggle a working macine gun and tried to duplicate it. Her and Moriss fled to Moscow when the were suspected and she became a radio officer and cipher clerk, she also changed her name to Helen Kroger. Morris and Lona were arrested and sentenced to 20 and 25 years, of which they only served eight days. When they escaped they opened up a antiguarian book buisness as a cover for their illegal rezidentura. Lona died in Moscow at the age of 62 and said she was proud and happy of her accomplishments.