Dennis Haynes

New Immigrants

(CHICAGO I.L.) During the gilded age new immigrants were coming to the united states to desire for a better life. but before they could do that they had to go threw inspection process east coast inspection would take about 5 hours and west coast inspection could take weeks or months. It brought lots of Irish and German to the United States. That allowed new languages, religions, complexions. Groups arriving by boat land were characterized by many traits and the immigrants were not welcome by the Americans.
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Political cartoon

This political cartoon is showing that the government can have so much power of the society.It also showing the different Marketings thats being built the subway, the steel and iron factories.
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Scandalous stories

IF you wanted to hear about shocking and scandalous stories well the NY Journal would be where you will find. They are really called yellow journalism because their known for making shocking illustrations and scandalous stories when Cuba revolted against Spain they used them shocking and scandalous stories to support Cuba.


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The picture is showing when the United States declared for WWI President Wilson drafted teenagers to join the army for war. Wilson made sure they were training.Wilson believed that it was very important to win the war.

The Legendary Babe Ruth

The legend Babe Ruth was one of the greatest baseball players to ever play the game. A lot of people know him for his great home runs but a lot of people doesn't know he was a great left hand pitcher also when he first join the league. Later in his career he move to outfield but was still a great hitter. "The Bambino" was his nickname he played for two teams Boston Red socks and NEW YORK Yankees.

Babe went on to break the MLB single season home run record in 1919." The Bambino" legendary power and charismatic personality made him larger than life in the Roaring 20s and that's why he still an inspiration to people present.

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The Smooth Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong an American jazz trumpet, singer one of the best ever. Louis influence jazz music with his great trumpet playing and singing. Armstrong nickname was "Pops". He had been threw a lot as a child its just so inspiring of what he had become his mom was not the re in his life and his father just abandoned both of them. Started working at a very young age just to survive
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"The States" Historical Forecast

Gilded Age State


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California nickname "The Golden State" the capital of California is Sacramento. California is diversity 36% Latinos, 40% Asians,and 16% Americans. They are also known for having one of the biggest earthquakes in 1906 thousands of buildings destroy and people killed in the earth earthquake.

Progressive and Imperialism state


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Massachusetts is very unique state the first subway opened in Boston in 1897 and the first basketball game played in spring field in 1891 so that's special to the state of Massachusetts. they also have the highest Irish decent in the nation. The capital is Boston and the nickname is "The Bay State".

WWI State

New York

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New York had Skyscraper Competitions in the 1920s 40 Wall Street is 70 stories, Chrysler Building is 77 stories, and the Empire State Building is 102 stories. The famous image Uncle Sam came from New York by a man name James Montgomery during WWI the words he used was "I Want You For The US Army". The capital is Albany and its nickname "The Empire State".

Roaring 20s State


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Louisiana is kind of a wetland 40% of all the coastal wetland environment found in Louisiana. Great Mississippi flood of 1927 was one of the destructive river floods in the United States history. About 700,000 people were displaced and sent to relief camps for safety.The government helped with the flood the recovery.Capital is Baton Rouge and the nickname "The Pelican State".