Peter the Great

Accomplishments, Policies, Backround

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Peter the Great (accomplishments policies and background)

Peter the Great did many great things as Tsar of Russia. For starters, be brought Russia the great country it is today. Also, his biggest priority was the military. In 1682, he took the throne but did not affect government until 1689. In 1697, Peter traveled to the streets of multiple cities and learned about what the western cities. He brought technical experts, teachers, and soldiers back to Russia. Peter begins westernization. Forced Boyars to either become civilians or go into military positions. Forced Boyars to shave their beards and also forced them to wear western themed clothing. In 1700, Peter and Sweden went to war at first Sweden won, but later Peter got another military and beat Sweden. In 1725 Peter died, he ended Russia's isolation from the other countries and got more involved with west Europe.