Odysseus The Hero

By: Jordan Ames


Odysseus is a hero because he has courage beacause in Polyphemus Returns odyesseus says " I ordered the rest of my loyal friends to stay here and guard the ship, while i selected the twelve best men and went foward." This shows his courage as a hero because he went of the ship knowing he could die if he encountered anything dangerous, but he chose to use courage and do it anyway because he wants to make sure it is safe.

Odysseus also shows heroism by getting out of situations with his smart cunning mind. He shows this in Offering the cyclops wine because he says " Here, Cyclops, have some wine to follow your meal of human flesh, so you can taste the sort of drink we carry on our ship." He did this because he knew the Cyclops would want more and it would make the Cyclops drunk and lose his mind. This would help Odyseus escape and he shows heroism by helping his people escape by using his witts, which not everybody would do in this situation.

Last but not least Odysseus is selfless and it's a good thing he has that because a hero is all about other people, and the fact that all he wanted to do was save his people was good. He show one of the many selfless acts in Blinding The Cyclops when he says " I considered the best way of escaping, and saving my self, and My Men." This shows his selflessness because he is talking about making sure his men are ok if he wasnt trying to save his men he would have already escaped.

There are lots of words to describe the hero Odysseus but i think the ones i chose were the best textual supported reasons.