Sugden's IT Specialists

Employment Opportunity


The job is based at Clifton Moor, York. If you live out of York there is transport that will get you to York and to the job location.


You will need to know how to fix equipment like

  • Printers
  • Scanners
You will also need to test and service equipment like printers and scanners. You will need to train clients on new software applications and you will also need to set up new equipment and upgrade existing systems. Also you will have to record problems and there solutions for future reference. We would prefer someone with a few years experience behind them and you will be expected to complete work before the deadline. You will be expected to work Monday-Friday 8am-6pm or 2pm-10pm, the role is full-time, permanent or a short-term contract. Full time is a one year contract and your starting salary will be £17,500.

Skills, Qualities and IT Knowledge

The Skills, Qualities and IT Knowledge you will need are a thorough knowledge of operating systems, networking, hardware and software. You will need to have excellent problem solving skills and the ability to work alone or as part of a team. You will be required to follow the health and safety rules while at work and on the grounds.

Qualifications and Experience

BTEC DIPLOMA LEVEL 3 (Networking) We would expect someone who has a couple of years experience behind them