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Pine Run Elementary School Newsletter October 2015

Pine Run's Back-To-School Family Picnic!

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Halloween is on it's way!

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Dates That Rate: October

6- 9:30 AM Brite Star “Professor Parsnips Lab of Healthy Choices” Gr. K-6 Assembly

7- International Walk to School Day

7- 9:00 AM Gr. 4-6 Fire Prevention Assembly

7- 10:00 AM Gr. K-3 Fire Prevention Assembly

7- 1:00 PM Gr. PM K Fire Prevention Assembly

7- 7:00 PM Home & School Meeting – Borghi’s in Chalfont

8- 6:00-7:30 PM Fourth Grade 50’s Night

9- Spirit Day – Wear Pine Run Gear

9- 9:15 AM Fourth Grade Trip to Mercer Museum

12-16- Celebrate Education Week/We Care Week

13- 9:00 AM Fifth Grade Ecology Trip to Peace Valley

13- 7:30 PM School Board Meeting – Ed. Serv. Ctr.

16- Fourth Grade Travelmates

20- 6:00-7:30 PM Kindergarten Pottery Night

22- 9:00 AM Grade 3 PEN Walking Tour Trip

22- 9:15 AM Grade 1 Trip to Mercer Museum

23- Spirit Day – PJ Day!

23- 6:00 PM Home & School Ice Cream Social/Fall Book Fair Kick-Off

26-30- Fall Book Fair

27- 7:30 PM School Board Meeting – Ed. Serv. Ctr.

30- 2:00 PM Halloween Parade

Pine Run Parents Make the Difference!!!!

We need your help!!!!

You still have time to turn in your Bucket Brigade Volunteer Forms! We have so many activities and events that our students enjoy, but they require your support. If you need to download the form, you can do so at

In addition, we are still searching for a volunteer to be our 40 Assets Coordinator and work with the CB Cares Program. Only 10-12 hours of help is required for the whole school year. To learn more about this amazing program, visit

Whether you can help or not, we would like to thank all our amazingly positive and supportive parents. By coming together we all help to create special memories for our students at Pine Run!

The Pine Run HSA

Thanks to our Pine Run HSA for hosting our fun-filled Back-To-School Picnic!

Pine Run Afterschool Program Unites with Bird Town!

Bird Town is a working partnership of Audubon and municipalities in Pennsylvania to promote conservation and community-based actions to create a healthy, more sustainable environment for birds and people.

The Afterschool Program at Pine Run is participating in a Bird Town inspired program!! This hands-on project includes constructing bird houses, making feeders, and planting beneficial native plants in the Pine Run courtyard garden. This special project will run throughout the school year and will encompass learning goals such as identifying plants and birds, planting herbs, and participating in the Great Bird Count in February 2016. Our Pine Run community is very excited about these upcoming events and we encourage all the students to enjoy the beauty of nature!!!

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Who Needs Clearances?

An individual who is responsible for the child’s welfare or has direct volunteer contact with children.

Direct Volunteer Contact – The care, supervision, guidance, or control of children and routine interaction with children

Routine Interaction – Regular and repeated contact that is integral to a person’s employment or volunteer responsibilities.

Person Responsible for Child’s Welfare – Person who provides permanent or temporary care, supervision, mental health diagnosis or treatment, training or control of a child in lieu of parental care, supervision and control. Includes any such person who has direct or regular contact with a child through any program, activity, or service sponsored by a school, for-profit organization or religious or other not for profit organization.

Additional Information:

· Effective August 25, 2015 volunteers having contact with children shall be required to obtain certifications every 60 months (5 years).

· A volunteer who was previously not required to have clearances shall be required to obtain the clearances required by law no later than July 1, 2016.

· If you were approved as a volunteer before August 25, 2015, and do not have certifications (because you previously were not required to obtain certifications) you have until July 1, 2016, to obtain your certifications.

· If you were approved as a volunteer before August 25, 2015, and you have certifications because your organization required one or all of them and your certifications are older than 60 months, you also have until July 1, 2016, to obtain your certifications.

· If you were approved as a volunteer before August 25, 2015, and you have certifications because your organization required one or all of them, and your certifications are less than 60 months, you have until 60 months from the date of your oldest certification to renew your certifications and to obtain any certifications now required that you may not have been previously required to obtain

· Students who volunteer are not required to obtain certifications as long as they meet all of the following requirements:

o the individual is currently enrolled in a school;

o the individual is not a person responsible for the child's welfare;

o the individual is volunteering for an event that occurs on school grounds;

o event is sponsored by the school in which the individual is enrolled as a student; and

o the event is not for children who are in the care of a child care service.

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Check-out our Pine Run Parent Handbook on our school website. Click here for a direct link!

Follow the link below for the CBSD School Calendar!

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Food Services!!

  • Breakfast Meal-$1.65 - Reduced price $0.30
  • Lunch Meal-$2.60 - Reduced price $0.40
  • Milk $0.75

For more information regarding Aramark Food Services, including menus, please visit their web page.

CB Cares

The partnership between CBCEF and the Central Bucks School District is long-standing. Since its inception, CBCEF has been involved in promoting the 40 Developmental Assets in our local schools through programs and trainings, with the goal of fostering positive behaviors and values in our community’s youth. At the present time, there are many active school programs which represent the mission of CBCEF - serving as a community catalyst by engaging, empowering, and linking people, organizations and businesses in the community.

40 Assets- CB Cares

#31 Restraint.

Young person can identify, regulate, and control his/her behaviors and emotions in healthy ways, particularly in stressful or unstructured situations.

See more at:

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