No to Animal Testing

Should scientists research using animals?

Say no to animal testing!!

One animal dies in a laboratory in the USA every second, in Japan every two seconds and in the UK every twelve seconds. The scientists in laboratories have found information that may be useful, but most of the animals in the tests die. So say no to scientists testing products on animals.

In 2009 "1.3 billion animals were used and killed in experiments!!"

  • In 2009, 50 different pigs were burned alive with a flame thrower until flesh could be removed.
  • Also, 50 different primates were strapped into machinery to receive high-impact blows to the head.
  • Last, 120 different dogs were strapped down and the scientists cut the skin on top of the dogs knees.

Experiments are cruel on the animals side.

  • First, dogs were fed chocolate to later find out that it kills them.
  • Also, scientists fed foxes almonds to later find out that the foxes died.
  • Last, scientists found that penicillin is very fatal to guinea pigs.

Tests in the laboratory cost over 18 billion dollars.

  • A lot of animals were burnt,crushed, sliced, poisoned with toxic chemicals and psychologically tormented in the name of scientific curiosity.
  • For the scientists to do the research, the scientists have to spend over 18 billion dollars to by the animals.
  • The tests are very unreliable because they cant do the testing as many times as they want because the animals and chemicals cost a lot of money.
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