Struggling Student? Try Tech!

Support reading, writing, math, organization, and more

Does your learner struggle in school?

When tutors and extra help are not enough, Learning for Tomorrow NJ may have a solution. We offer learners academic support by determining which of the most current technology tools can ensure that your child has a level playing field in which to participate with their peers. Assistive technology does not replace intervention service or great teaching, it simply gives your child another avenue of learning information that is easily accessible, affordable, and will grow with them in college and in life.

Assistive Technology Evaluations

  • Determine what your child needs to be successful based on an evaluation, school records, parent/teacher input, and more
  • Learners of all ages
  • IEP or 504 not required
  • Conducted in school or at private practice
  • Private payment discount (schools may reimburse)
  • Easy to schedule with quick results

Feedback From Educators and Parents

The students that are supported using the Learning for Tomorrow NJ assistive technology interventions are reported by staff and parents as completing their homework and class assignments with less prompting, more confidence, and at a higher academic level than before.

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