Third Grade News You Can Use

September 19-23, 2016

A Note From Mrs. Graham

I am so excited about going to the zoo on Monday. Thank you, parents, for looking at your schedules and volunteering as chaperones. We are leaving at 8:30 and returning at 2:30. There will be some seats on the bus for parents, but some of you may want to carpool. Parking is another $5.00. I will have two coolers for our lunches. I will need help transporting them and taking them to the picnic area at the zoo. Your child can wear what is dress code for Fridays; jeans/khaki shorts and a spirit shirt. Pack a lunch in a ziploc bag with your child's name clearly written on it. You save me a great deal of time in the morning if you have already done this. If drinks do not fit into the bag, just write your child's name on that as well.

Picture Retakes will be on Tuesday the 20th. If you would like your child to be photographed again, then send me an email before Tuesday letting me know.

Important Dates

9/19: The Nashville Zoo

9/20: Picture Retakes

9/25: Kindergarten Preview Day (Help us grow, invite your young friends to come!)

9/30: Fall Consignment Sale

Upcoming Field Trip

10/24: Kentucky Down Under (Let me know if you want to go-bus holds 29 passengers so I can take up to 4 parents on the bus. More can come if you want to drive.)


We have started using two different lists. There will be a List A and List B most weeks. However, this week since I will not be introducing the new list and spelling patterns until Tuesday in class, we will only have one list of 14 words. The test over this list will be Friday the 23rd. On that date we will have a pretest for list 7 which will determine which spelling list your child receives to study for next week.

List 6: More Short and Long Vowel Words

math, toast, easy, socks, Friday, stuff, paid, cheese, June, elbow, program, shiny, piles, sticky


Tuesday: Finish Up our Roberto Clemente and Baseball Poems

Wednesday: Reading Test over Roberto Clemente Story and Skills and Read Aloud: James and the Giant Peach

Thursday and Friday: Bring a blanket or a towel to listen to James and the Giant Peach outside.

Homework: Fluency Sheet (Hershey Park) and Read aloud for 10 minutes a book of choice then read silently for 10 minutes.


Two things you need to know.

1. We are starting a Chapter 3 on Multiplication.

2. I am sending home paper work for you to sign your child in to XtraMath, a program that will help your child become fluent with math facts. This paper will be clipped into your child's binder on Tuesday.

In class, they will begin showing me what they know about multiplication and by working on new vocabulary for multiplication. Then we will start working with equal groups and relating addition to multiplication.

Math facts: Work on multiplying 3s by skip counting by 3s to 36. Next, work on 4s when those are mastered.


Zoo Studies which include animals and their continents of origin. We will have a special class at the zoo about the Rainforest.

Social Studies

I really want to finish our Flat Stanley presentations which we never seem to have time to do in the afternoons. In addition, we will continue to work on map skills including longitude and latitude and the 7 continents and 5 oceans.



Lesson: A Sad Day in the Garden

Theme: God always tells the truth- He never lies.

Memory Verse: God did this so that, by two unchanging things in which it is impossible

for God to lie, we who have fled to take hold of the hope set before us may be greatly

encouraged. Hebrews 6:18

Recommended Reading