Career Title: Interior Design

By: Sabrina Stedman

Educational Requirements/ Required Skills

Does this carrer require a college or tehnical degree?- College Dregree/ Bachelorers minium of 4 yearsWhat are good colleges for this school? What skills does this career require?-Passing a qulififying exam, National council for interior design.

Salary/ Job Dutys & Work Type

What is the annual salary range or hourly rate?- $44,030 and $119,410 a year What is the job description?-Plan, Design, Enviorment plan FabricationTyplical hours.. Self Empolyment
What are the benifits of this career? You work on your ownm time , its your schdule.What is the typical work enviorment? Anywhere you want on your time. What are some things that are not so great about this career? Most self empolyment/entrepunerships dont work.