All about Tornadoes

By Aiden Scott Mercer


Tornadoes are a rapidly spinning column of air that stretches from a thunderstorm cloud And are a type of vortex of very powerful winds.When thunderstorm updrafts begin to rotate or spin tornadoes can form.
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The different storm scales

* F0- light damage,breaks tree branches,damages chimneys(0-72 mph,0-116 kph)

* F1-Moderate damage,surface peeled off roofs,homes and cars over turned(73-112 mph,117-180 kph)

* F2-considerable damage,roofs torn up,homes destroyed,big trees uprooted(113-157 mph,182-253 kph)

* F3-Severe damage trains flipped,most of trees over turned,(158-206 mph,254-332 kph)

* F4-Severe damage,houses demolished,cars chucked,(207-260 mph,333-418 kph)

* F5-Extreme damage,Bark tore off trees cars chucked far,strong houses lifted(261-318 mph,420-512 kph)

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Prepare for the storm!

During a tornado people should be listening for storm news for updates on the storm...People should move into a safe place when the tornado warning is alerted.Go to your basement and bring a first aid kit with a flashlight in your room with NO WINDOWS.
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storms form where exactly?

Tornadoes from Nebraska to Texas are called tornado alley.Most tornadoes form Central and south plains in the U.S.
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Any Warnings?

Tornadoes come with thunder,thunderstorms,And a loud like freight train noise.You can also see large wind formations in the distance.
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What exactly do tornadoes mean?

When tornadoes come it means lots of destruction.And broken houses fliiped cars and lots of other tragic things.

The certain clouds

There is one called a collar cloud
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What is a Tornado?