Welcome to Lark Creek!

Just a small town in Virgina!

All About Lark Creek!

In Lark Creek is just a regular town for Jess Aarons. People live on farms, we work hard, and try not to struggle. Here in Lark Creek we don't have many resources and people. But the people and kids try to give it all we got!

Tips For Surviving School!

What you will need:

  • Must be creative! Beening more of a creative person will make you more interesting.
  • Girls must wear skirts. Lark Creek isn't a big fan of hippies or girls wearing pants. Skirts are a must have for girls!!
  • Must be interested in a sport. Specifically running because all of the kids in Lark Creek Elementary are into running and racing.

What to avoid while your here:

  • Be aware of the mean girls at school. Janice Avery is one person you want to avoid. Make sure not to upset her or else she will make your school days miserable!!
  • Be careful of bad weather. In Lark Creek it rains a lot. Try to be safe on the roads and while your outside.
  • Be aware of your jobs! It's very hard to find a job and keep your job in Lark Creek.