Eddy Yanez

Brackish Food Web

Consumers and Producers

The producers are the Mangrove, Sea-grass, Sea-lavender, Smooth cord grass, and Spike grass. The primary consumer include the Swamp Rabbit, the Plant Hopper and the Nutria. Secondary consumers are the Lesser Siren and the Channel Siren. The tertiary consumers are the Spotted Gar and the Barred owl. Decomposers include a snail, a worm, fly, and bacteria!

How people affect the environment

Disaster and Benefit

Sadly we humans can't keep away from Brackish ecosystems. Humans tend to either drain or fill up Brackish ecosystems for roadways or construction. Pollutents kill many fish and animals poisoning not only other animals, but us as we eat the poison. On the bright side, we are also protesting and raising money to protect these sites and efforts have been made to clean up the water and surrounding area.

Organisms and how they affect the environment