The Rules of Survival

Ellie Smucker


My novel is about a boy named Matthew Matt for short who writes to his sister about how their life was back before they were older. He wants to be safe and wants her to know what it was like for them because Emmy was to little to understand what was happening. In my novel it contains romance and anger. The boy is the oldest in the family. He takes care of his two sisters. He keeps them fed and well cared more than their mother does. Their mother Nikki isn't the greatest mother they expected. She goes out every night for hours and her kids are home wanting to eat. So every night Matthew goes to the little market by his apartment and gets food for his sisters. When the mom gets home she is usually upset about something and begins to smash chairs around in the kitchen. Emmy is so little she gets scared and Matt has to hold her. When Nikki falls in love with a guy that Matt met in the mini market. They were dating for three months. He broke up with her because when he found out that she sometimes beats her kids if they don't follow her rules or doesn't listen at all. Matt continues to take care of his sisters as much as possible and continues writing notes to his sister Emmy.


Matthew- He is the main character of the story. He is the one telling the story. The whole story is him writing a letter to his little sister Emmy. These notes are suppose to tell and help Emmy learn about her past.

Emmy- Is Matthew's little sister. She is the sister that Matthew is writing the notes to. She is the youngest in the family.

Callie- Callie is Matthew's other sister she is a year younger than him. She help Matthew with Emmy by taking care of her.

Nikki- Is their mom. She is a alcoholic. She goes out every night and comes home drunk. She is very abusive to her kids either cause she is drunk or cause of her ex-boyfriend.


There is romance in my book. When Nikki falls in love with a man that her son Matthew met when they were young. They met when Nikki found his address in Matthews pocket. She went to his door step and introduced herself. They talked for a while and then he took her out for there first date. But he didn't know who Nikki really was. She isn't a very good mother to her kids. She beats her kids when she gets drunk and if they don't follow any of her instructions. One day when Nikki and her boyfriend went to the beach Nikki chased her youngest daughter Emmy around and picked her up and hung her over a ledge threatening to drop her. Once her boyfriend witnessed that he broke up with her that night. They lasted three months. Nikki was really upset and got really angry.