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Savanna food web

The savanna food web shows that for example if the grasshopper were to go extinct then the snake will get hungry and die. If the snakes die the hawk will no longer have food and they will die.

Humans impacts BAD/GOOD

The Bad:The shift away from C4 plants has the potential to disrupt the food chain and ecological balance of the ecosystem since smaller organisms and herbivores lower down on the food chain depend on C4 plants for food and shelter, and lack of C4 plants would thus compromise the survival of these organisms and in turn, the survival of omnivores and carnivores higher up on the food chain that eat these plant-eating creatures.The Good:Tourism keeps natural sections of Africa alive. The money brought in by tourism helps fund conservation reserves and shows the government and local communities that conservation of animals and the landscape is important because millions of people travel thousands of miles to come to Africa to observe and explore these landscapes.
There are three roles the mutualism,Comensalism,and Partism. The mutualism benefits both animals. And the Comensalism is when one animal is benefited while the other is not as benefited. Last but not least the Paratism role it only benefits one of the animals like if the consumer if affected then the other animals will be effected.