A Peek at Our Week

Mrs. Janich's 1st Grade- Week 4

Notes from the Teacher

Spirit Week!

9-28 Pajama Day

9-29 Sport Day

9-30 Wacky Wednesday - Dress CRAZZZYYY!!

10-1 Dress your Best

10-2 East or West


I love having such sweet kiddos! However, students have had a hard time this week with listening and following directions. We set a new goal and a new behavior management system.

Goal: We will listen and follow directions right away.

Behavior Management System: Each child is given 3 pennies to start each day. A student can lose pennies throughout the day for not following classroom expectations. However, they also have the opportunity to earn them back. At the end of the day, they will get the same number of slips as the number of pennies they ended up with. They will put their "number" on their slips and put them into a jar. On Fridays, (or randomly if I choose) I will draw two winners from the jar. I have small prizes and coupons. Some sample coupons are lunch with your teacher, no homework coupon (which if earned I will staple in their planner so you know), sit in the teacher's chair, lunch with a bud, and many more. I hope the students really enjoy this and work hard to earn a prize!

**I am looking for very small trinkets or toys for prizes if you're willing to donate! Thank you in advance!


Read to Self

We have doubled our stamina this week! We are now up to 13 minutes! We even learned how to write in our response journals! We have also added "Work on Writing" and made it to 9 minutes on the first day!


Part-Part-Whole to 10

Module 3 engages students in "quick look" activities intended to help them "subitize", or recognize the quantity of objects in a set without having to count each individually. Students also explore part-part-whole relationships with numbers to 20. These explorations include working with equations in which an unknown variable might be in any one of three positions. The last session introduces length measurement with nonstandard units.