Islamic Marriage


Arranged Marriages

In this form of Islamic marriage, the parents will often choose partners for their children, but children are not forced. The parents will try to choose compatible partners.

It is a marriage between families, not just children.]

Marriage is not about romance- love will grow within the marriage.

These types of marriages are usually successful.

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In Muslim countries men are allowed to marry up to 4 wives.

The purpose is to give security to the women.

All of the wives must be treated equally.

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Dowry (Mahr)

This the payment by husband to the wife.

If the couple divorce, wife has the right to keep it for security.


This will be a simple ceremony either at mosque or in a home. Bride and groom remain separate for ceremony, but must be performed in front of witnesses.

Usually led my a imam, with readings from Qur'an, prayers and exchange of vows.

The Nikah, the contract, is then signed, giving the husband and wife responsibilities.

The PARTY, the WALIMAH, follows. Huge feast and lots of dancing.

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Turkish islamic wedding
Finding the Girl - (A Homemade Islamic cartoon about a young Muslim man's search for a spouse.)