The Road To Perserverance

Sidney Regan May 2016

Personal definition of Perserverance

Not wanting, but still doing; to push through

Jackie Robinson v.s Eleanor Roosevelt (compare / contrast)

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Eleanor and Jackie's adversities. Also their advertises that are similar to each other.

Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg (Problem/solution)

A major problem that occurred during Nadja's young years was that she always fought with her music teacher and her mother, but always tended to listen to the logic of. She began to become very good at violin and soon, arrived to Julliard school of music. Another problem she faced was when she went to Julliard and she began to not be as good as the others in her class. To try to help this problem, she began practicing even harder and longer each night, but for some reason never was able to get up to the others level. She was so embarrassed and done with being the worst in class so she gave up her violin for 7 months. She began bad eating habits and claimed "it was the end." She then saw there was a audition for a competition coming up for a chance to win $3,000. She began practicing again and when she auditioned she got in. She had ambition to win the competition. Eventually she made it to the end of the final round where they announce the winners, and she ended up winning the competition.
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A picture of Nadja with her violin.

Eleanor Roosevelt ( cause and effect )

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One of Eleanor Roosevelt's problems that occurred, and what happened after.

Sandy Road ( Chronological / Sequence )

Some adversities the men faced in the folktale Sandy Road were in the beginning, all the men were on their way to town, walking through a hot desert. They threw away all of their water and food expecting to get to town the next day. Due to a huge rock in the way of them moving forward, they had to stay a night without food and water because they threw it away. The men became weak and tired and were not in shape to move on. The men began to yield. Although two of the men were still awake trying to figure out how to get through to the town. The other man began to feel weak and tired due to no hydration what so ever, but encouraged the other to not give up. The man listened to him and eventually through the hard time of no food and water, he made through to the town with all his men.
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A picture of the folktale, The Sandy Road

Oprah Winfrey ( Description )

Oprah struggled as an un-supervised teen, and was abused many times by well known, trusted men in her family. She reacted not in the way she should have. She began disobeying her mothers rules, running away, and breaking things. She eventually got kicked out and sent to live with her dad and step mom. At first it was hard getting used to things around there but she got used to it. Her father and step mom were very strict. They would have her go without dinner till she learned five new vocabulary words. This was only for the best though. Due to her dad and step moms hard work on getting Oprah the knowledge she needed, she became very successful later on in her life. She is most known for the TV show she has.
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A picture of Oprah winfrey

Lessons Learned from perseverance

One's lesson is to overcome, show they are to be looked up to. Won't let others words and opinions matter to them. The combative feelings will be shown in a difficult situation. Like Jackie Robinson. He could have just walked away from the team so that they could play that game. The game his team couldn't play because of Jackie's skin color. He could have done that for his team so he wouldn't feel bad. Jackie decided to take the high road, and stay on the team even though he my have felt bad that they couldn't play because of him. Due to him staying on the team, the team was very successful because of him. He was a great ball player. This could be connected to one's lesson due to the amount of strength and desire it took to reach this goal. This inspires many people to do what is right.


Some persevere while others are unsuccessful because some are more motivated than others. Some want their reputation to be known as a person that never gave up, and some don't care how others see them. Or it could be that they're both trying, but one did not put in as much time and effort than the other, so they began to fall to be unsuccessful. While the other put in time after activities and homework, to work on getting better, and will become successful.

We can learn from the perseverance of others to help us overcome our own adversity in today's world by watching loved ones or friends and becoming inspired by some of their actions. Just to watch them and how they overcome some adversities and face triumphs, will dictate how we react due to the ones we got that from.

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One of Winston Churchill's quote