Constellations and Stars

By:Grace McMurry


What are constellations?

Constellations are made up of stars put together and given special names. Now, they shine bright in the sky every night!
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How did constellations get their names?

Forty-eight of the constellations are known as ancient meaning they were talked about by early people such as the Greeks. After the 15th century, with the age of the great discoveries and worldwide navigation, the southernmost parts of the sky became known to man and had to be named. Here are three constellations and their names.


What is a star?

A star is a humongous ball of gas, mostly of hydrogen and helium, held together by gravity of its own. They very hot, but we cant feel them because of how far away they are from us. So basically, there are a bunch of little suns in the sky at night.
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Will the sun explode?

Once the Sun has collected all the hydrogen fuel in its core, the sun will die. But how? Scientists say in about seven billion years from now, the sun will become a red giant and shed away its outer layers. As a result, it will collapse into a white dwarf and cool down to the temperature of the universe.

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